Monday, May 7, 2007

Welcome back to work!

I'll go on more vacations if going back to work means getting a bonus check and a raise! This was a good day! I printed off next years cruise itinerary so i'll remember why I am working.

Just when I feel like ordering parts for robot modules isn't where I want to be they go and give me a pretty huge raise I may add. I guess i'll be in Indiana for awhile now:) Only 33 years until Mike and I retire to Florida!!! I would make a countdown but that would be getting carried away Roll


KatieFeldmom said...

How nice was that! Congrats on your raise and bonus check. Guess they missed you, huh?

Welcome Back!!!!!

Jen said...

Great news about the raise April! I used to get bribed to stay at my job too! :)

I'm glad pre-cruise is going well. We leave on 5/18!! WOOO HOO!