Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Feels good!

It feels so good to be eating clean and lifting weights again. I have even increased the poundage on my weights this week. It is like my body is refreshed or something. I want to get on the scale because I feel like i've lost weight which is weird?? I guess the bloat from the cruise is going away!! YIPPEE! Maybe i'll get below 120 soon Hmm

I have been looking at suits again and I know the colors I want but i'm not sure of the styles. I don't know whether to go with the traditional ones or ones that are a little different? The OCB show that i'm planning on doing only requires a two piece which is nice. This is the color of the two piece I am looking at. When I wear this color everyone tells me that I look good in that color?? I like it to so that is a plus. I'm still not sure of the one piece although I would like it to be darker. I read somewhere that if you have red hair its best to go with a dark blue or green? I've got plenty of time to get it figured out I guess.
I was a slacker this morning and didn't get up for extra cardio Darn I did yesterday though and plan to tomorrow.

When my hubby and I decided to take our cruise I told him that I would have my half saved up in no time. I also mentioned that if I had a problem saving I could just drop Tony(I would never really think of doing this, I would go without weekly Target sprees first). He said "No Way" You have enjoy yourself on this cruise because of him. I guess he really noticed a difference in me and my shyness of being in a bathing suit. Being surrounded by a herd of cattle helped a lot too Way To Go


KatieFeldmom said...

Hubby says like a nice guy.

Is the blue kind of like the blue in your profile picture? You *do* look good in that color.

April said...

Maybe a just a little lighter than that. It was hard to find an exact color on the color chart:P

Angela said...

I would definitely consider green. i love green on redheads...(my girlfriend has red hair and she looks great in green)...like a jade color....and remember Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives...she wore a beautiful jade colored dress to one of the award shows...she looked great!