Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Slide Show :)

Cool Slideshows!


Reese Mortensen said...

OMG: you look awsome...impressive.

I cant believe the big change you did!!!!

Your suit looks awsome by the way!



Sydney said...

You absolutely look like you belong on stage! Impressive work! BTW--I love the hair short.

Stef said...

OMG...you are so THERE!!!! And I can't wait to see you!!!


Angela said...

you look amazing!!! you are going to rock that stage!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are ready! Great job!!!

Colette said...

What a change!! You've worked so hard for this and it shows big time! You do look ready for the stage! I'm very impressed.

Oh, congrats on the under 115 lb thing. You look great!

B said...

you look beautiful! what a motivating transformation

look at the mirror and say to yourself- I did good!!!!


Laurie said...

HOLY MOLY!!! Scratch what I just said on my last comment about our legs - yours are amazing!!! I in just the few weeks since you've gotten your suit, you have made huges gains/losses. I'm am just stunned - you are absolutely beautiful!!! You are going to win this thing no problem, so don't worry about the entry fee, it's coming back to you 10-fold!

Marthab said...

So you look like 1 foot taller. Gosh, April, I'm so proud of you. I think we should start the Tony fan club. Our motto could be "lean and mean in just weeks!"

I wish I could see you do your thang! xo


Laurie said...

I found them!!! And WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You are gorgeous!!! I'm gonna have to kick out of the Pear Club!

Anonymous said...

I just love when you post pictures! Just like everyone else said you look amazing!!!!!!!!!! That suit is so perfect for you :)