Saturday, August 11, 2007

Six weeks out - 114.4 lbs!

I'm officially below 115 so i'm going to mail off my entry form today :) It cost $105 just to be in the stinkin thing !!! Shock 2 Wonder what they do with that money???

I measured my thighs this morning and they are finally shrinking. They are 20.5 now. I know under all this fat my muscles will be awesome!

Tony has me doing some bicep exercises today that I haven't done yet and I can't wait to do them! I really hope to have big shoulders someday. Scratch that, I WILL have big shoulders someday. Happy

I have to take progress pics for him tomorrow so i'll post them when I get a chance.

Thanks for the comments on my hair. At first I was trying to grow it out for the comp and then I thought why do I have to be like everyone else? I hate long hair so off it went!! I think it makes me look younger if anything!! Ponder


Reese Mortensen said...

Holy moly girl!!!! I have butterflies in just thinking about you competing!!! I am so excited for ya!!!!

114,4!!!!!! Its amazing, really.

You WILL have big shoulders. Trust me. To some people is harder to build them. But you will get them.
Shorter hair makes you look youger, yes. And....for sure you dont have to be like all competitors!

Being unique is the best!

Pleaaaase post pics pics pics pics!!!!

If you dont have time, just drop them in an email for me will ya? Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!


Your big fan,


Laurie said...

You did it!!!! Congrats, that's awesome!!!! Doesn't some part of that money come back to you when you win?? LOL- I feel the same way about my legs, they're getting thinner and I know there's some awesome muscle under there. Great job!