Thursday, August 30, 2007

Music help

I need to pick a song to strut my stuff to for the night show.



The Whistle Song

I really love The Prodigy but i'm afraid it will make me walk too fast! LOL! I was in Color Guard so I walk with the beat, it's in my blood.


Reese Mortensen said...

I love prodigy.

Specially firestarter :-)



Colette said...

I would do whatever song moves with your tempo. You have to feel comfortable, so it looks like it was made for you ;)

Trojan said...

I would want "Leave your hat on" from the 9 1/2 weeks soundtrack..hehe

I am a naughty girl though:)

Marthab said...

The Whistle Song is AWESOME! I choose that one. It's perfect! SO Hot and sassy. :)

Indygirl said...

I love both of them! But for tempo purposes, The Whistle Song is prolly better. I understand the walking to the beat deal. I was on a competition level flagline (think bootcamps during summer, practices from 6:30am until school started and from end of school until 6:00) from 8th - 12th grade and a year in college. My walk automatically adjusts to cars driving by!

Evelyne said...

Like the whistle song. I think it would be easier to walk to. But it's your decision, you know what moves you better. Good luck!

DNA said...

Personally - I like the Flyleaf song on your website... their cd is hot.