Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm beat....whew!

Mike and I had an awesome day yesterday at the waterpark. We laughed and played like kids but.......we can tell we are getting old. 3.5 hours was enough for us LOL! We came back home and just laid around, until it was time for my hour of cardio ick. I got PLENTY of exercise yesterday running around and walking up stairs it was great :)

Today is our 8th anniversary! I walked to Kroger and bought a bunch of good stuff to make Mike for breakfast. He had eggs, potatoes, green and red pepper, onions and sausage. Plus buttermilk biscuits with butter and grape jelly mmmmmm.......I had egg whites and oatmeal:) Smelling the sausage and peppers didn't make me want it though because I could smell the heartburn. I told him you're eating more carbs in one sitting than I do an entire week. Of course he won't gain anything from it and I probably did just smelling it.

It's finally happening!! My 7's aren't fitting anymore and my 5's are getting loose! I went to Von Maur today and bought a pair of 3's!!! They were on clearance for $7 so I thought what the heck i'll try them on and they fit!!! I ran out of the dressing room and yelled for Mike and I said I can't believe it!! I don't mean I fit into them and I have a muffin top like most of America, they actually look pretty good.

Mike still can't believe how much "skin" I have on my legs. That is his nice way of saying fat I think. I don't know either. I know that having "friends" like you all is what keeps me going. I can see your struggles as well and I mean that in the nicest way. I know that one day all of this eating and working out will pay off.


Trojan said...

Just don't vanish off the face of this earth...we like you and wish to keep you:)

you are such a rockstar!

Colette said...

A size 3!!! Holly crap girl!
I'd be jumping up and down for a size 6 ;)

3 1/2 hrs would have been enough for me too...now give my an amuzment park and I'm there all day! Love that stuff.

Happy Anniversary! I'm sure you two had a very nice one ;)

Anonymous said...

Size 3. Wowzer!

Hey...how far of a drive is that waterpark from Indy. The kid and I are looking at a "day vacation" soon and I'm debating that area or Holiday World....