Saturday, August 25, 2007

4 weeks out! 112.6

Sphew! Glad I saw some weight loss because i've been working my butt off! I know it's not about the weight but I have that disorder where I look in the mirror and swear I still look 130 sometimes. I don't have veins in my arms yet but I do have them around my chest and abs. Hmmmmm......I don't carry fat there so that is why. Why won't the fat come off where I need it too??

People have told me that 4 weeks out is the magic week so we'll see.

Trying to plan out my 3 workouts today. I have biceps to work today! I hate doing them but i'll give my best to make those little humps show better :)


Reese Mortensen said...

Many would die for veins in chest and abs!!!!!!!

;-) Some people just dont get the arm veins to show up a lot. I saw many persons have very veiny arms, but then they had a fat belly!

I dont know if 4 weeks out is the magic, maybe its named so because when you are very low in bodyfat, every little bodyfat loss is noticeable.

C'on...give the best on arm workouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: By creating new muscle mass in arms, you create new veins, creating new veins= more veiny arms=more chance to see veins in arrrrmsss!!! So go get that workout nooooooow.


sonniejane said...

You are getting so close. I am so excited for you because you are going to be so great!

Stef said...

That's funny cause I have arm veins all the time...even at higher BF.

Keep Rockin' girl!


Eve is going to Nationals said...

You are doing so well, congratulations on being strong and pumping out that cardio and the training! Rock on girl!