Monday, August 27, 2007

Why I love you guys :)

You have the nicest and dearest comments and I know you know how I feel. When I say I wear a size 3 now to you it's not being conceited but that i've been working and dieting my butt off.

Comments from people I work with:

Are we going to see you on one of those please feed this child commercials?

What's up Olive Oyl?

I'm going to by you a hamburger for lunch.

I do get some people that I don't see everyday just mention "Have you lost weight?"

See what I mean. Of course they don't see my progress pics and don't know that i'll be ripped with muscles someday ;)

These two girls at work, who by the way can' wait for the weight watchers program at work in October to start, all they talk about first thing is what they ate over the weekend. I think I may have pissed them off when I said that is great I weighed in at 112 :) They always say how they are proud of me and my willpower and how I can resist everything but I don't know if they really mean it or not.

My favorite comment so far though is the one Martha just posted So you look like 1 foot taller

Oh and Laurie, I'll always be a pear in my mind, especially if I don't keep my hand out of the bread basket


Laurie said...

Okay, you can be an honorary pear :) The pear that got out. Dontcha just love this little online community - we all just get it. I know, personally, that I have serious doubts about how far I would have come without all of you wonderful women. BTW, I think the girls at work do mean it, but jealousy is a evil emotion.

B said...

I was TOLD I was anorexic when I dropped my weight LOL I let them believe what they wanted, then they realized I would work my butt off in the gym 6 x a week the rumors stopped ( they- my co workers) :)

Reese Mortensen said...



:-S Ok....i think you seriously miss some fruits lol.

Can you really remember how a pear issss???

You dont look at all like a pear lol. But you can be a pear if you wish...:-P I just wont call ya a pear lol.

I know exactly what you mean by your co-workers.

And its true what martha said....you look like 1 foot taller. ;-)

I am soo proud of ya. Your legs are looking sooo tight.


sonniejane said...

I call those people, haters. They usually are just jealous but are trying to be nice.
You are doing great as always, such an inspiration!

Marthab said...

Ha ha! I just noticed your "Twinkies" jammie pants.

Anonymous said...

April, you are looking fan-effin-tastic!!! It doesn't matter what anyone says, it's how YOU feel about yourself. What a beautiful transformation. Really beautiful.

Angela said...

Im sure that your co-workers are a little jealous...but with reason...you have such willpower...and you know they ate all that food during all the festivities at work last week and you didn't touch a thing! I am here for ya! We all are!

Colette said...

I think that most people don't understand the difference between a body builder's body (natural) and a person who has an eating disorder. Both are VERY thin (espec. right before comp time), and if you don't see the bodybuilder without clothes, than it may be hard to see/tell that there is muscle on that body ;)

Also, it's hard for someone who loves to eat and who is fat to look at someone bettering themself...they feel weak and insecure...but that is THEIR problem.

Keep up what you're doing and don't worry about those others bringing you down. Just think in your head that they are insecure and jealouse of you. If anything, you can pitty them.

Trojan said...

This weekend all my old friends from SA thought I was either A- Throwing up or B- Starving myself. You can explain the working out and eating 5-6 times a day til your blue in the face but people believe what they WANT to believe.

Colette was right on target with her comment.

You look fantastic, you are in a competition and you are DRIVEN baby!

Go get that sword!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the co-workers are jealous. They're probaby also truly proud. The two emotions can co-exist. You've worked hard. You've earned that body and it's fabulous.

I have your show marked on my calendar and will be there in the crowd to cheer you on. Although you've never actually met me and I tend to lurk and...umm...am I being stalkerish? I won't try to hunt you down back stage or anything! It's, like, practically in my backyard though. How could I miss that??!!?