Sunday, August 26, 2007

More photos

I think I need a serious tan LOL!! On the front i'm not posing to well either but oh well. I can tell my legs are finally getting smaller, now if the dang "pooch" would disappear that would be nice.

I bought my MAC makeup today and it was fun! The lady at the counter said "um.....lets make sure it blends okay with your skin" LOL!! I told her I know it is waaaaayyyy to dark and I need it to be:) I'm taking a posing class this weekend and I can't wait. I am also taking a spin class because i've never done that before???


Laurie said...

Where's the pics!?!?!? I love spinning, I hope you do too. And, WOW!!! flood gates have opened on the fat loss - That was a big drop, wasn't it? I seem to remember you hanging around 115 for quite a while and make small drops below that. Congrats! 4 weeks, that is sooo cool, I know you're going to do great!

Colette said...

Laurie...you have to click the words "More photos" to see the slide show ;)

April, you look great!! Good luck with the posing class. I'm sure you'll be a quick learner.

doidle said...

April, your face is so beautiful!!! And your bod is smokin!

Trojan said...

How did you like the spin class?

You are seriously looking hot to trot!!!!

Reese Mortensen said...


You seriously made an amazing change! You look outstanding...amazing...awesome....:-D I am sooo happy for ya.

I hope ya have fun with the posing classes :-)

Keep it up!


Angela said...

You are doing wonderful! Im so happy for you!

KatieFeldmom said...

You look amazing!!! Keep up the great work, April!!!