Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Getting Hot in Here.....

and you better believe I took off all my clothes. This is going to be the hottest day in Indy today. Who cares when you have a house with air conditioning right? Wrong. Ours went out earlier this week. I kept telling Mike that I thought it was awfully warm in our house and the air that was blowing was not as cold as usual. He just told me it's because i'm either working out or sitting in front of the hot computer LOL!! I love it when i'm right!!! I'll be waiting for the repair guy to call us today. I could hardly fall asleep last night I was toasty :(

Another funny thing is I was looking at early menopause symptoms because 1. No period still and 2. I thought maybe I was having hot flashes :)

Rock hard abs day!!


Trojan said...

Well I went about 5 months without one due to diet/WO and they had to place me on the pill to induce. TMI for some of you but April...wanted you to know.

Still have issues...grrrrr

Reese Mortensen said...


April, its normal when you lower very much the bodyfat to lose your period. Is temporary. Its called amenorrhea. Normally it happens at 10-12% bodyfat and below...but it depends on each individual on their essential bodyfat level.

:-) Normally the pill does help. But...as its a temporary issue, i wouldnt worry much. Just make sure its not chronic.

Oh and very hard exercise can cause that.

Its not always related to bodyfat levels, but...most of the time it is.

Hope ya are feeling better


Emma said...

I wasn't lucky enought o lose my period. It eventually found me. :( I did have the hot flashes though. I think it is the crazy metabolism manipulation. That's my theory. New pics, soon?

Emma said...

That was my daughters name...it's me Martha!

Colette said...

Hope you get that air fixed asap! That sucks big time!

I agree with all the others...when you lower your bodyfat, your period goes too. That is why real skinny girls usually don't get pregnant. As a woman, we need some fat on us for our bodies to run normal. When you win the contest and put some weight back on, your period should come back.

Keep up the great work!!
Hey, maybe you can use your hot house as one of those hot yoga sessions ;)