Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Burning the fat, feeding the muscle

Yes, I do have that e-book but haven't really read it. Anyway, i'm back to my burning fat cardio session!

Week post comp - 1098 cals burned(weak, i burned that in a day pre comp)
Last week - 3742 cals
This week - 1299 yeah baby, that's more like it!!

I have noticed my strength coming back which is nice. I have also noticed I feel like puking right around now, 6:00p. This is after my Met-rx shake and this post workout concoction that I take. One more hour and I get to stuff my face with chicken and yam :) Have I mentioned I don't like eating this much LOL!!


This is how I feel today and I feel it kicking also.

Dang, I really just measured my waist and it 26"!!! It was 23.5 at comp time! LOL!!


KatieFeldmom said...

LOL at the belly picture!!!

Beka said...

that's too cute! and omg 26 inches??? shut up :o) xo

sonniejane said...

That is going to take some getting used to eating so much and I hate that bloated feeling especially the kicking part.

Stef said...

I feel like that too sometimes!!!


Reese Mortensen said...

ya will get used to eat that much.

Hey...when i bulk...i have to eat around 4000 calories....so dont complain lol.

You rock!!!!

Keep it up girl


Colette said...

Holly crap!! That's a lot of calories. Is it all clean foods or do you get to have other stuff too? Along with all that food, are you working out still?? Wow...I want to eat all that and still have a 26" waist ;)

doidle said...

Heya April! I'm trying for 26", I'll be overjoyed when I reach it. Betcha still look AWESOME. You know, I'm with you on the McDonalds thing. I admit, I have a mean streak when it comes to fatties. Ooops! I said that? Get away from the McDonalds, you fatasses!!

thirtysomething said...


LMAO!!! I'm with Doidle, can't wait to see 26"! Won't be long and your body will figure out that you are trying to build more muscle;)

Laurie said...

My eye went to the pic first, and thought there was going to be some big news. Forgot about your puffy pics :) My waist is 27" and I can't even imagine!!! a 23" waist! The plus though of being a pear - the waist comes easy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, in a couple months you're gonna be sportin' some beautiful muscles!

Colette said...

April, I like that you changed the "butt" picture with your own bad ass self...much better choice ;)