Monday, October 1, 2007

5 forbidden foods

Here is a list of foods I WON'T be keeping in my house:

1. Peanut butter
2. Trail mix
3. Nuts of any variety
4. Chocolate of any kind
5. Peanut M&M's

I'm back on track to gain muscle and not fat and it feels great! My diet to build muscle up is awesome!! I am eating more carbs in a day than I was in a whole week! Of course I am worried about getting fat but Tony told me he's never lied to me yet and I should trust him. He reminded me of the time when he told me the weight I would compete at and I said "yeah right". Well, he was right!

The Colt's game was awesome last night. I got my Diet Coke and peanuts :) My eating was awful yesterday. I had oats with protein powder,salad with chicken, zone bar, peanuts, and a martha's vineyard salad from Arby's. I should have taken something extra to the game because I went for like 4 hours without food NOT GOOD!!

I am really bloated right now. My stomach looks awful! It's because I got this new gum with Xyitol or something like that in it. That stuff kills me!!! I can't wait until it's all out of my system and neither can Mike! I even think Boomer leaves the room when something slips out :)

Today is customer service appreciation week. They had donuts, chili w/ PB sandwiches, cookies and brownies for everyone. Boy am I glad I have a new plan to follow!!!


Unknown said...

But that's all the good food! I hear ya though...I CAN'T keep that stuff in my house either :o)

Sunnie said...

All of those are my favorites. I cannot keep them in the house either.
Muscle? That is so much more fun to put on, huh?

Barbara said...

Funny....Your list of forbidden foods looks kinda like MY list of forbidden foods...

Do you get to have SF ice pops again?


Unknown said...

chocolate chocolate chocolate i am a zombie craving for chocolate chocolate chocolate lol.

You rock...you offseason is gonna be awesome...i can smelllllll ittttttt.



B said...

I try to just have a handful of nuts it never happens!

Laurie said...

Oh that that's the Bad 5 right there. T would tell me to have a handful of almonds if the cravings got bad but I finally had to just not have them in the house because I couldn't stop. PB's the only thing that I allow in my house, and with a 2 year old and Mr. Marathon Runner in my house, there would be HUGE issues if I stopped buying it. I get the natural at least and try to avoid it at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Add sunflower seeds to that list and it looks just like mine. Cannot control myself at all with any of those things!

Colette said...

PB stays in my house...the 100% natural kind. It helps me with the hunger. Just a big spoonful and I'm good to go. The rest of the stuff, I could live without ;)

Have a super day, April

Stef said...

Yeah, those would be on my forbidden foods list too!