Friday, October 5, 2007

This is what I feel like.......

This is what I really look like

Sorry about the crappy photo. My battery died right after this.

The only time I ate crap was the 3 days after my show. The PB&J french toast, the pizza, the M&M's and then it's the Tony diet. Dang, I knew I needed to gain to build muscle but I don't like it!!! Plus I think the "goods" I got on Wednesday immediately put 5lbs on me!! I take a shake 30 mins before I work out with 16 oz of water, then after workout another concoction with 16 oz of water and then my MRP with another 16 oz of water. Then an hour later I have to eat then another hour later another shake!!!! Can you say BARF!!!

Tony wants me to weigh tomorrow EEK! He then wants me to take pictures next weekend. I expressed my concern of gaining weight and how my body loves holding onto fat. Of course I know he knows what he is doing but I don't know if my body knows what he is doing HA!

I'm so glad the weekend is here....i'm ready to chill.


Colette said...

Wow that is a lot of liquid ;)

As far as the 5 lb gain...it's probably mostly water, since you had to dehydrate yourself so much for the contest. Have faith in the T-man ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

Unknown said...

It definitely plays mind games after a comp. Just remember you want more muscle :o)

Stef said...

I was just talking to a friend of mine who has done 2 shows in the past 6 months and she was talking about what a mind game it is for her. The fact that your body only looks that ripped for ONE STINKING DAY messes with her head, even though she looks great a week before or a week after a show.


Sunnie said...

I would be freaking out too but you have to trust him and I know you do. He will get you right where you need to be. You are gonna pack on some serious muscle and you will love it.