Saturday, October 20, 2007

Feeling puny

I think my body is trying to get sick :( I have been feeling really tired lately and i'll confess Thursday and Friday I was not up early for my 45 min walk/runs. I just felt like maybe my body needed the rest. My husband said I was snoring last night which only prooves something is wrong.

Oh, the tour yesterday was awesome! I am so glad I went. Being a loyal Toyota owner myself it was nice to see all the hard work and quality they put into their products. Then came lunch.....lasagna, mixed veggies, caeser salad, garden salad, cheddar cheese biscuits, and twisty breadstick. The dessert was apple dumplings and peach cobbler mmmm.....I had a small piece of lasagna, one twisty bread and 3 broccoli spears. I wanted dessert soooo bad but I withheld. I'm glad they didn't have cookies because everyone knows those don't have calories or sugars or anything so it's okay to eat 2 or 3 :) After that though I was back on plan except for I didn't take my MRP shake. Yes I know favorite meal of the day but I was just to blah and I only worked my abs. Dang, I need to talk to T and quit making excuses.

Tonight I am going to a "ladies night out" party with my mom. It is at this tanning salon. We will be getting body wraps, laser rejuvenating treatment on our face, tans and massages! I'm not laying in the tanning bed though, i'll see if they'll let me do the mystic.

Tomorrow mom and I are going to Nashville Indiana. It is a yearly thing for use.


So far today i've gotten my Target shopping done, took Boomer for a walk, and cleaned up the kitchen. Now I think I may lay and let the nice cool breeze blow on me and make me sicker hee hee! I need to work my biceps too so gotta make time for that! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Stef said...

Have a great weekend April!


Reese Mortensen said...

Hi sweetie!!

Enjoy your Girls night out!!!!

;-) I bet it must feel good to have body wraps, laser rejuvenation, massage and tan!!!


Colette said...

Okay, that lunch just made my mouth water...EVERY thing I love. I couldn't/wouldn't resist, that I know ;) Anything cobbler is going in my belly and Italian food...yum!

Have a great weekend!

Beka said...

okay...I really need more sleep: in the second paragraph where it says "lasagna and mixed veggies"...I read mix vaginas. WTH? lol

Hope you feel better...and definitely talk to T!

sonniejane said...

You know your body better than anyone. It might be time to rest it for a day or two. I am doing that today after my 5k.

Natasha said...

The ladies night sounds like so much fun! Have a great time!

Sydney said...

Sorry, I've been really out of it lately, so I haven't been able to congratulate you on your competition success!! Awesome job--what a transformation. Your dedication has always been an inspiration!