Sunday, October 14, 2007


Hey i'm alive! I can't believe I haven't posted in 4 days. I must have had a life for a bit LOL!! I'm still working out and eating like a healthy pig.

I had to send my pics to Tony yesterday. It is amazing how fast your body will go to crap in just 3 weeks. I know it's not really going to crap but it feels like it. I'm surprised Tony hasn't e-mailed me yet and said don't eat your yam, rice or apple. If he ask for more cardio he can kiss my big white, hairy, freckled, big toe. I'm already up every morning before work doing 45 mins after I told hubby he'd get to not hear that for awhile.

Mike and I went out to eat with his parents last night at my favorite place so I could have my greek salad with chicken. I don't like wearing clothes. There, I said it. So anyway I was wearing my 3/4 jeans that still fit me :) These will probably be my "Amyella" jeans that only fit certain times of the year, we'll see. As soon as Mike's parents left the house, Mike's said okay you can go get undress now. He knows how much I hate to wear "real" clothes.

Today Jodi and I are meeting at Ruby Tuesday's. I've already checked the nutritional info online so I know what i'm getting. This is the girl who got 3rd at my show. I'll be wearing my comfy clothes to meet her because she is cool like that and I don't feel a need to "impress" her. Then there is an outlet mall we are going to go walk around. After spending over $300 in supplements this month I don't know if i'll be doing any real shopping. Who am I kidding it's in my blood.

I still have my biceps workout from yesterday to complete. I didn't do it because his parents were coming at 4 and that would throw my whole schedule off with the timing of all that I have to do shake wise around my weight workout. So i'll do it today :)

Getting ready to take my fur baby for a walk! I did this yesterday too and it burns 275 cals plus it's fun!


Stef said...

Hey!Your jeans look like they fit perfectly! I think I need to pick out a pair of jeans and do the Amyella jeans watch too!


Let me know about the 27th.

B said...

I agree the jeans look great and I love that top it suits you - great colour!

Trojan said...

Those are HOT jeans girl....you rock them.I agree that the lime green is your color for sure!

Um 300 $ for supps? I'd have to choose between food and supps:(

Thanks for the compliment on my hair.

Marthab said...

I love the yummy warm brown of your blog. It reminds me of chocolate. MMMMM. Chocolate. You look awesome, by the way. Food agrees with you! :)

thirtysomething said...

I was just thinking chocolate too when I saw the new background, actually it made me think of M&M's! I don't know what the recent thing I have for M&M's is all about! Anyhow, I think the jeans look great! Wow $300 in supplements, my husband almost fell over when he saw the asparagus ring up as $60, oh boy it's a good thing this getting skinny is probably going to take a while!

Natasha said...


You look AWESOME in those jeans girl!! I know what you mean about wearing real clothes. I feel most comfortable in my gym clothes. Give me a nice sports bra/tank and some gym shorts and I am set. I hope that you enjoyed your walk with you cute fur baby. Well, I better get some zzz's I finished my workout tonight, yey, and now I am bet.

Have a great week,

Anonymous said...

You look so cute!!!!

Colette said...

I'm with you. I don't like to get all dressed up for dinner (except on those rare occasions). I want to relaxed and just enjoy my food and the company I am with.

That is a lot of $$ for supplements!! Let us know if that stuff actually works.

Those jeans look great on you...you are so tiny!! You look very happy, and I'm happy to see that.

Beka said...

You're totally rockin those jeans. Adorable. :o)