Monday, October 8, 2007

The Damage

So Saturday was my weigh-in. A whopping 116 lbs! I was a little freaked out but not too bad. I realize I need this to get muscle and what Pro weighs 107 lbs?? Then it happended.....Tony called. I swear that man has ESP. He wanted to see how I was doing how my body was feeling etc. So I told him even my lips feel swollen and I just feel uncomfortable. He described a couple of different bloat feeling and let me know that mine is just water around my muscle right now and that is what we want. So I guess i'll quit griping.

I had my cheat on Sunday, another yogurt parfait :) I know nothing exciting but i'm waiting for a big craving like pizza or mexican before I waste a cheat day. Mike and I grilled out Buffalo burgers yesterday and they were delicious! I even took a bite of the baked beans. *gasp* Then that was enough for me. I remember before my show thinking I can't wait to just crack open an beer and grill out and have a food of the things I can't right now. So I sort of did that, no beer for me just because what is the point really, plus it slows the metabolism down and I surely don't need that right now with all the yams, rice and apples. I did have that bite of baked beans though and they didn't taste that good. Now the buffalo burger rocked! I have one left over and i'm gonna eat it tonight :)

Hope this week flies by!


Marthab said...

I'm with you on the week flying by. I think you are nuts about the food. Eat, dammit! For love of all of us who cannot. Eat!