Thursday, January 31, 2008

No fat on my pinky!

So I had to go to "the" doctor on Tuesday. He said everything felt normal etc...he then told me that I had some fatty tissue growing on my urethra. He said there is nothing to be alarmed at and he wouldn't have even told me except if I were to go to another doctor and they said something I would be like Dr. Norris never told me this. So that's just my luck! Even my peehole stores fat LOL!!!

My workouts have been great and eating is great! I had an ab day today finally! I rocked the party to, you all know I love ab days! I haven't had one in a long time it seems.

I'm starting to feel better and not as bloated which is nice. I'm praying i'm granted a cheat on Superbowl Sunday like last year but I doubt it. I could tell Tony that maybe it would go straight to my peehole!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nice Weekend :)

I had a wonderful weekend. Although it was kind of cool it was sunny and I got to spend it with my family. Not my husband though he was motorboating strippers at a bachelor party LOL!

Anyhow, I went to my mom's Saturday for my sister's b-day dinner and party. My mom made chicken and cheese one of my favorites but I did not partake in it! There was also cornbread pudding, mashed potatoes, and rolls. Of course chocolate cake with big mounds of chocolate icing....sigh....and ice cream from DQ. I hope you all are tortured because i'm the one who had to smell it all. I really wasn't tempted by any of it though. I had my tuna and green beans. My grandpa is so cute he said what are you having April? I told him and he said oh I didn't see that up there looks better than what i'm having LOL! He's so silly :)

After that torture we went out dancing. I was good and only drank water. Since my bedtime is typically 8p I was soooo tired and we didn't leave the place until 2:30a. I was up the next morning at 7a though, hate that. So eating and workouts have been great. I just hope I start losing some fat soon :( Sometimes I think why do I not eat the good things i'm still a fat hefer. Then I see my swords and I want to win first place next time!!

Here is a pic of my sister and I at her wedding Sept 06. Excuse the flabby arms ;)

We do look alike although she is a 36E and i'm a 34A. Okay maybe not a full A although right now I think I am.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy 29th Rachel!

My "little" sister turns 29 today. 29 years ago I was telling my mom that I don't like her take her back. Good thing my mom didn't listen because I don't know what I would do without her.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm not an angel :)

I hope I didn't mislead anyone on to think I wouldn't be pigging out on the cruise! I am definetly going off of plan. Well last year I did pretty good and only gained 3 lbs. I'll eat like I did then, oatmeal and eggs for breakfast because I just love that with rice pudding on it LOL! I don't do the midnight buffets but I do the cookies after the chocolate mousse at dinner ;) It'll be interesting to see if I can lean out by May 31st. Strike that I WILL lean out by then. I pretty much only ate 3 times a day and you do so much walking and climbing stairs and that's a workout in itself.

Today I burned over 1000 cals and was just shy of 9 miles. Even though it TOM I think i'm finally starting to get some bloat off of myself. Of course it's in places that don't matter like the collar bone and that weird muscle between the boobs. Oh and I can already see my ribs??? That's just me and i've got plenty of junk in the trunk again. My butt feels heavy LOL! Mike told me to let Tony know that I really need to work on that area next time. Ummmm.......did you not see me climbing 40 flights of stairs and working out 3 hours a day for 8 weeks straight? I know he meant it in the nicest way possible but take that brownie point away! Tony knows I have a ghetto booty and i'm sure he's planning his attack now. I mean i'm already doing an hour of extra cardio a day and i'm still 19 weeks out!

Oh and i've tried Stevia. Powder, liquid, flavored and ACK! it just doesn't taste right to me. So I shipped my bottle to Austin for Trojan and she shipped her Xpand to me :) She thinks of it as a fair trade but the Xpand is a lot more pricey HA! Of course I shipped mine UPS red which probably cost a lot but who cares the company paid for it. I figure they pay for all that food they order and I don't eat that so I deserved it.

So this weekend is my sister's b-day party and i'm the DD. What do you all think about light beers? I know they don't have as many cals and carbs but it's the alcohol that kills ya right? If so I'll be drinking water!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goals and stuff

So I have this goal with myself to be 115 by April 5th which is when my cruise is. Yes you saw that right. A cruise filled with 7 course dinners, buffets, cookies oh goodness! I will be 8 weeks out when I return. No problem because I know by May 31st I will be ready. It may kill me but i'll be ready.

So i'm 19 weeks out right now and there are a few things I need to work on or get rid of. An hour of extra cardio, no problem been doing it. That will help a lot. Here are the things I have planned to rid myself of.

Brown Sugar Splenda-starts tomorrow
Splenda in general-looking lean involves tasteless food(i'm talking competitive lean)
Low carb ketchup-don't use this so much anymore but it's still there for the taking
Nuts-haven't had these lately but they are my biggest weakness!
Newman's light vinegarette-use only red wine vinegarette or picante sauce
Coffee-not completely but I really don't need 5 huge cups a day which is where all the splenda comes into play

Those are all I can think of at the moment. Maybe this will help my bloat go away? I believe the Xpand is helping it stay on also. Plus I look like Casper right now and it's not helping my self-esteem HA! I know i'm a gingerkid and they are freckle faced and pasty white but this is ridiculous. This is the first year i've not been to a tanning bed in 16 years!! My skin is thanking me i'm sure.

I'm not sure what I weigh right now and won't know until Tony tells me too. I've got plenty of time to hit that number though. My husband tells me not to worry about that stupid number. I should listen to him but right now TOM is around the corner and I feel like being bitchy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Found my new calling

Okay i've finally found something that I am better than my husband at! We went rockclimbing yesterday and had a blast! Each tower we climbed I did faster and it felt good. He was really proud of me. I was leary at first because I've always had the "I can't do it" mentality. Well as many of you know after you hire Tony you realize that anything is possible and if you don't succeed at least you gave it a try. So I did it and I succeeded! Very well I may add ;) It was a great workout too. I thought I would be sore today but so far so good.

I put off my bi/tri workout and will do it today. I am so proud of myself because since Jan 1st '07 I have not missed 1 workout! I did go on a week cruise on April 28th and Tony told me to just get in 45 min cardios before the evening dinner which I did so that doesn't count. After the comp Tony told me to take a week off and I told him I can't I need something so he gave me something. I know crazy but I get bored.

I'm so thankful for you guys really. You keep me going!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm a Machine!

Dang, i've burned A LOT of calories today. So far for the week i've racked up 3297 just in excercise alone! I put a bit over 8.5 miles on my treadmill today and whewy my legs are feeling it.

I can't believe I use to this plus, weights, plus stairs OY!

I talked to Tony this afternoon and that always gets me pumped up! He said he could tell that i'm ready to get to again. He layed the plan out for training for the upcoming competition and I really hope everything goes like his plan entails.

Well i'm off to get my oil changed and go out on a date with the hubby!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beka would be proud

I got an 80 oz pkg of chicken today for $14.73! Yes I checked the expiration date....Angela already asked me that :)

Workouts are great and I keep feeling my upper body getting more cut. I wish the lower half would join. Eating has been great also! I've cut out all creamer and since it's the 15th i've been 15 days without chocolate! Unless you count chocolate protein powder but we all know that really is NOT the same.

I've done my extra cardio for 4 days straight now and if i'm not losing anything I will rip my eyes out! Unlike some people(you know who you are) it will take around 4weeks for my fat to budge.

Since Tony's got me doing the extra hour already at 20 weeks out I really hope I don't have to do 3 hours of working out closer towards comp. I know i've said that before and I know it won't be the last either.

I do have to say the second time around is a lot less stressful. I just hope i'm not to relaxed and that i'm ready when the time comes. My friend Jodi wants me to do an NPC show with her the following weekend. I don't know if i'm up for that or not. I'm just not "big" enough for the NPC yet. I know it will take a lot of clean eating and heavy workouts and then I will be. That's where the brain really comes into play though, I think I just want to be little with muscles if that makes sense. I don't know we'll see. The shows are fun but are expensive at the same time.

Mike was going to go skiing this weekend but it's suppose to be 13 degrees here! brrrrrr.........

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Dream House:

This is definetly just a dream.
Dream Car:

I will have one of these one day....Lexus SC430.
Dream Job:

I love dogs and I love walking!
Dream Husband:

This isn't a dream :)
Dream man doing my laundry:

This would be nice huh?
Dream Body:

I wish I was a little bit taller......
Dream Breakfast:

This is my dream breakfast, had it the morning after my show. I made these this morning for Mikey :) Oatmeal and egg whites for me because as Stef says.....I'm on FI-YAH!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

S is for Shopping and Shopping is for me!

I took my dog for a long walk at the park this morning and it was a good one. 416 cals burned!

I just got back from the mall! I bought new running shoes, Adidas not sure what kind. I've never had Adidas before but my runner husband swears by them so we'll see. I almost got my Brooks again because they were comfy!

I got a 30 lb dumbbell also. I can't wait to work my back later. I'm glad I waited until today now.

Not much happening but I was loving my bowl of oats this morning! I haven't had them in over a month!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
I got a new meal plan and it includes carbs! I talked to Tony today and we both agreed that my body was holding onto fat from the low cals. I hope this is what I needed

The Bad:
The plan also includes 60 mins of extra cardio a day. So am I losing weight from the meal plan or the cardio? Another bad thing is I skipped my back workout tonight. I started feeling really bloated in the stomach and by the time I got home it had got worse. So I did a 45 min walk/run instead. I'll make up my back tomorrow and do triceps Sunday. Also the 1 hour of cardio :)

The Ugly:

I've been in a bad mood today and it's odd. I finally told one of my co-workers something i've been wanting to say for a long time. She has the cutest little girls. She thinks it is so cute that her little 5 year old is addicted to Starbucks Strawberry Creme Frappicinos. This just ticks me off everytime she mentions it. So today when she says "Lauren had to stop at Starbucks" I said do you realize those have 600 cals and 95g of carbs? She looked at me all surprised like NO WAY! I swear she was like a deer in headlights. I said I just thought I would let you know that since America is the fattest in the world and the kids keep getting fatter. She probably thinks i'm a real b*tch because just last week I told her I didn't recycle because i'm not having kids so I don't care. Come on people you know i'm joking....sort of :)

Well time to sit with the hubby! Looks like cardio is going to take his place soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is it possible?

I don't feel like i'm losing anything even though i've been eating 100% no carbs for the last 9 days. I'm not tired which is great and meals are very easy to prepare. I was wondering if doing extra cardio while watching the Food Network is making me hold onto weight? That would be my luck darnit! I'm not weighing yet because unlike some people I listen to Tony and only weigh when i'm told:)

However....my arms are finally getting bigger!! My hubby even said something about them tonight YEEHAW!! I think i'll celebrate by eating a flavored tuna packet tonight *gasp* I know you all are jealous.

I finally had a full ab workout tonight!!! I haven't had one of those since the holidays. I know most people were happy about that but not me:( I saw a few new rolls but they'll be gone in a couple of weeks. 2 early 45 minute cardio session down and 1 or 2 to go...of course i'll make it 2 !!!!!!

Oh yes, it's new shoe time AGAIN. I'm preparing for the 8~10 miles a day i'm gonna have to run before long, go ahead and laugh i'm not kidding.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I did it :(

This was tough. It had to be done.

Tony says he is happy with the muscle i've gained. He said he thinks i'm cheating more than i've told him about. I have seriously not cheated since Jan 1st except for the pic above and some pickles made with splenda which slipped my mind when I was telling him things :) So now the creamer is out of the house so that will help the BF% for sure.

With my body type I just simply CANNOT have a life and stay thin at the same time as you can tell. I know my brain is probably just delusional because you all say i'm still healthy looking and not fat so i'll trust you guys. I know once I really kick in the cardio it'll help out a lot. I'm getting up early tomorrow and getting on the treadmill for sure.

Today at work I was asked to make a top 10 list to lose weight this year. They said it can be serious or funny whatever...I did it David Letterman style :)

I had an awesome leg workout. Oh and Tony just prescribed 45 minute walk/runs 3-4x's a week. I thanked him for it. Seriously I wouldn't do it if he didn't say it :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gladiator starts tonight!!

I have the DVR all set up to record it since I fall asleep around 9p all the time :)

I want to make a shirt that says I don't diet I try new meal plans!! I'm sicking of people asking me about my "diet"!!!!

I took some pis today and they aren't pretty. I'm 22 weeks out so I have plenty of time though. I sent them to Tony so we'll see what he does with me now.....i'm scared!

My pooch is back a bit but not as bad. My weight is all where the butt meets the back. If you have this problem you know what i'm talking about. Plus my face is chubby but it typically is anyway. Keeps me young looking LOL!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Evening post

Well it's really only 6:19p but it's so dang dark outside I could go to sleep. I came home today, did my back workout, 15 mins of ending cardio and after I saw Tina's pics I popped in a step tape and did that too LOL!!!

I've been doing great on my diet since 1/1/08! My official weigh in is tomorrow but I did weigh this morning and I was 124.6. Don't applaud, I weighed 107 when I competed. Yes I know I need to gain weight to build muscle but it's still frustrating. This is as high as i'll go though.

Tomorrow i'm going out for lunch with the girls. One is Jodi who competed with me and the other is Kira who is a bad ass and she is super nice and cute too!!! It'll be nice to have friend like her, no one will pick on ya that is for sure. She is the one who is making me feel okay about my weight gain. She is at almost 170 and it's not all muscle. She allows herself 20 weeks to cut the fat. She knows her body and what it responds to though and Tony and I are still trying to figure out my jacked up self.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary Tony!

Yes, it's our one year anniversary ahhh.....how sweet :) The gift he gave me was no carbs again. If that wasn't bad enough I also had to tell him everything i've had bad to eat while on no carb LOL! I really couldn't remember everything and I felt like a fat ass while I was thinking of them all. Next holiday i'm going to write it all down while i'm eating it to prevent myself from doing this again.

I think he's going to torture me soon......boy I deserve it. I have to weigh and pics on Saturday. YIKES!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year everyone!

I don't have any resolutions but my sister's dogs do. The wiener dog is boss and growls at the boxer all the time. Cody(boxer)is the sweetest and clumsiest dog. If Wimbly(wiener)doesn't know you watch your ankles. Never once have I seen these dogs get along. Last night at midnight my sister sent this to me on my phone LOL! I cracked up for hours! You just have to know these two. Of course where ever my dog goes she is boss. Just like her mom :)

I had a Happy New Year with Mike and his friends. We played poker and ate, guitar hero, and ate :) I didn't drink though, waste of calories. I saved them for the rice krispie treats mmmmmmmm.......I haven't had one of those in FOREVER! So now i'm off of my M&M here, trail mix there diet. NO MORE CHEATS for me! I want to see if I can train for this comp without having to workout for 3 hrs and 20 mins a day to get rid of fat. I know that is highly unlikely but we'll see.