Friday, March 28, 2008

Beat Down

Dang, Tony knows how to kill a girl. I want arms like Stacey's and I guess this is how you get them :) I'm working shoulders more than usual this week and I LOVE it! Today he told me that if my leg is bothering me to do a fast walk but add 20-25 minutes onto that.....HA! I'll suffer through the pain i'm tough.

Sometimes i'm feeling leaner and other days I feel like a blob? Sucks being female. I think my body shape is just changing completely so i'm not sure what i'm suppose to look like? I'm no longer depressed and it's nice to KNOW why i'm not losing weight instead of crying because I can't. I know if I sneak something here and there it will show. I too have an M&M obsession, peanut YUM! I haven't had any for awhile though. I am craving pancakes still so tomorrow I will make them :)

The sun is out in Indiana and it's as pretty as this place can get. It's a little chilly though but at least it's not gloomy! Hey, at least this time next week i'll be packing for my nice and sunny vacation YIPPEE! I need it bad!

After my show on May 31st Mike and I are driving to Destin Florida. It's about a 12 hour drive. His friend has a vacation home there so we are meeting him and his wife. So it'll be a cheap vacation. I didn't want to go at first but he puts up with me and all of this dieting and I can't go here and blah blah so I caved. He is excited and told me that it'll be awesome because i'll be real thin and can eat whatever I want LOL! Last show I hopped right back on the wagon and even did cardio the next day even though Tony told me to relax for a week. This is a sure way for me to relax and be unstressed so now i'm excited!!!


sunniejane said...

You have so much to look forward to in the next few months. It will be here before you know it.

I am glad you said that because I just posted that on the Diva thread. I am having one of those days where I do not feel lean at all and I did earlier in the week. What gives?

Trojan said...

I'm SO freaking excited for you and the hub..have fun April. that is an ORDER! :) Eat those pancakes and relish the time with your man...life goes by way to fast.


Stacey said...

Gah r bodies are so much alike! I can't cheat either and the scale is a bitch. Plus I don't care how small I get the fat days never go away!

Peaches*n*Cream said...

Shoulders are a love/hate relationship for me :P You are doing awesome though. I love peanut M&Ms too and i REALLY want some! Go strong! Have fun after your comp ;) Enjoy those foods then as a reward!

Tina said...

Funny you said that...sometimes I feel leaner, and sometimes I feel like a blob!! Oh I so hear you!! Funny thing you said this though because Mark was just telling me the last time he talked to Tony this is what he told Tony...who knew men felt this way too!! As for the vacation...I am so happy you have plans to relax this year after comp!!! Oh and fun in the sun is just days ahead!!

Colette said...

You are going to have such a wonderful time these next couple of months. I'm glad you decided to do that with hubby...he deserves it ;) Enjoy those pancakes too...yummmmmm

Have a super week!

Lori said...

Destin, FL is close to where I have been there. Fort Walton Beach...it's beautiful there. Although I love any beach...from KS ya know.

C2 said...

Have fun April! :)