Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday blah....

My new toy :) I took a half day from work today because I was having some problems. I feel much better now after buying an enema, sorry TMI but that was my problem. So I bought a new incline/decline bench. I need one because i'm outgrowing my little one I have YES! My workout today was great! I have shoulder workouts a lot this week which gets me excited

I got to work today and Tony had sent an e-mail to my work address saying EAT on EASTER! WTF! Wish I would have got that yesterday LOL! I have chicken, yams, and broccoli. I could have been eating turkey, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, corn, biscuits, brownies, no bake cookies...yes I said it, and other things. It's probably a good thing I didn't get that e-mail because seriously I would have eaten all of that HA!

Don't worry about the tanning bed I went for 8 minutes :) Also, my ribs are starting to show but that is normal for my body. The upper will slim WAY down and then the lower will SLOWLY follow.

Stacey~~here ya go!! PB2 Don't tell the big T man ;)

I made the pancakes again on Sunday and I sprinkled a bit of cocoa powder over them OMG...I was in heaven.

Here is a pic I took today. I have my new Monica Brant shirt on :)


KatieFeldmom said...

Love the shirt!!!

jen said...

too cute april!! what size did you order? it says it runs small...do you think so? :)

Tracy said...

I love that shirt! I may have to order that too.

Anonymous said...

Oh that shirt is cute! Look at your shoulders!! Whoo-hoo!!!

Hope you're feeling better.

Boy that spread sounds SCRUMPTIOUS. Glad I wasn't there!!

Hage Family said...

8 minutes???? You got that tan after only 8 minutes. I'm doing something WRONG, and I tan easily!

Anonymous said...

Love the tank top too and thanks for the PB2 info~YUM!

Colette said...

you look great! That shirt is very cute.

Enjoy your new bench ;)

Visionquester said...

Is it bad to get a "visual" on the enema thing?