Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Chocolate Song

Chorus: I love chocolate, I love you
I hope you'll never prove untrue
But I'll have chocolate if you do
I can count on chocolate

Father never seemed to make
enough to feed his children steak
but Mom churned out that chocolate cake
Chocolate made my childhood

Chocolate is so action packed
Makes some children hypreact
But too much speed is what I lack
Grown ups need more chocolate

Dogs love chocolate, don't know why
speeds their hearts up till they die
Vet bill's gonna make you cry
Don't let dogs have chocolate

Some say growing old's the pits
Balding heads and sagging hips
But chocolate doesn't give us zits
I'll trade my youth for chocolate

How d'you know that Easter's here?
Chocolate bunnies do appear
If Easter happened twice a year
We could have more chocolate

Careless love can break your heart
God knows smoking isn't smart
Too much beer can make you fart
Nothing's safe but chocolate

If your husband's youth is spent
His get-up-and-go has went
Chocolate straightens what is bent
Feed your husband chocolate

Young folks doubt that those above
Forty-five years old can love
Sex, of course, we don't think of
But we can still love chocolate

Belgium is a damn fine place
they eat chocolate by the case
so let the whole damn human race
sing the praise of chocolate

When I'm in a traffic jam
I don't sulk and say "goddamn"!
I'm quite happy where I am
Sittin', eatin' chocolate

If your waistband's getting tight
and dieting is such a fight
you can curb your appetite
Precede each meal with chocolate

Americans cut down, I hear
To less than five pounds each a year
It shows that when you drink weak beer
You lose your taste for chocolate

Canadian women have it tough
Do without some vital stuff
A survey says they don't get enough
_______________ Chocolate

Now that ______ is twenty-five
We're so glad that (s)he's alive
It makes a good excuse to drive
To ______ house for chocolate

______ is a damn fine place
They eat chocolate by the case
The future isn't hard to face
In ______ with chocolate

Here at this folk song retreat
Some may think the weather's neat
my chocolate melted in the heat
Sunshine's hard on chocolate

Some of you may think this song
Is short on meaning and much too long
And I'm not going to say you're wrong
Let's go have some chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Cute. Shhhh! Don't tell....I just had some. MMmmmmm.

Angela said...

You are freaking out of your mind!!! LMAO!!!! I love it!!!

Hage Family said...

Your crazy.