Monday, March 10, 2008


I had legs today and noticed that my HR was super low. I thought maybe I didn't have the chest strap on right or wet enough. So I checked it and everything was normal. Still low when I squatted WTF?? Workout's over and I get in the shower and notice my right arm was REALLY blue with veins everywhere! It was actually kind of cool but it was only my right side. I tried to make my bicep vein pop out but still nothing. My arm wasn't numb or tingly and I was breathing normal it was just crazy! Right as I got out of the shower my phone was ringing and it was Tony. Gotta take that call seems like I haven't talked to him in forever. I told him about it and he was dumbfounded too especially since you all know that a leg workout really gets the heart going. So i'm sitting here wondering if i'm gonna keel over :)

Next week Tony said he is going to give me different diet protocols to get me "stoking lean" before my cruise YIPPEE! I better follow them I guess since i'll be gorging soon!!

Other than that everything is fine. I went out for lunch with Mike's family and since we were celebrating his and his mom's b-days they brought out two HUGE pieces of turtle sundae pie. I didn't have one nibble not one! I did try some whole wheat crackers at my mom's though but I confessed that to Tony. He acted like pfft that was nothing. Now don't go out and eat a bunch of them though ;)

Thanks for the scalding on the diet pills. I'm a sucker for samples what can I say!


KatieFeldmom said...

How scary about the blue arm!!! I wonder what all that was about???

sunniejane said...

GAWD! I am glad you are till with us!

Colette said...

I would still go and talk to a doctor about that. Your heart rate should have been up for sure and the one-sided blue thing is not something to take lightly. Seriouse, you see a doctor asap! Don't do any workouts till you do...I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh that is weird...Yay for new diet protocols! I'm gettin them too Woot! What am I saying?!?! I'm going to get them and be like...uh can I go back to my oats and yams please lol!!

Hayley said...

That is real weird about what happened to you...I'm kind of with Colette about taking a quick visit to the doctor. Or if not, just monitor yourself and hopefully it won't happen again. I am a natural worryer/paranoid so I hope you're ok! :)

Anonymous said...

K so that's kinda scary. I hope you get it checked out soon!