Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday blah....

I've got the bring on the vacation fever at work. I just don't want to be there and all I think about is relaxing with my hubs and laying in the sun aaahhhhh.....

My leg is bothering me and it really sucks donkies. I managed 45 mins this morning, my leg workout and then 20 minutes ending cardio. Odd though, the longer I go the better it starts to feel? I'll manage. My hubby kept telling me to just stop, get off the treadmill, there is NO other way for me to get into my little blue suit though. Those of you that can do it through diet alone, i'm totally jealous!

My shirt below is a small. I will cherish this tank FOREVER seeing as she actually handed it to me :) So Jen, a small would be great for you! I think even Angela got a small and she has ta-ta's(real ones).


B said...

Hey You

I love that shirt, I bought one of Tony but ordered a med too big! I sleep in it now and put it on when I feel crapy to remind me of the bigger picture.

I did something to my back the other day it sucks to be in pain but unlike you I have given myself 2 days off to rest it, but I also don't need to fit in a blue suit either

post pics soon! :0

Colette said...

Ah the vacation fever ;) It will be here before you know it, but I know...not soon enough.

I hope your leg gets better and you don't damage it any further by not resting. I know you have that little suit to fit into, but maybe a few days rest wouldn't hurt??

Have a wonderful day, April!

sunniejane said...

Love the shirt!
Are there really people that can do this with just diet alone? That really urks me.

Anonymous said...

uh yeah who can do this with diet alone? Bring me the biatch and I will kill her! LMAO just kidding!!!!