Monday, March 17, 2008

Yeah New Diet!

I got my new diet yesterday :) I called my mom up and said "Hey, wanna go to Kroger's with me?". Of course she did! I'm getting yams and grapefruits plus I still get my 1/2 cups of oats Whew! I was so excited when I opened it! I really hope it works for me. I just have a feeling it won't last long LOL!

I'm getting really excited about my vacation! We got new luggage and everything! It's green so it's easier to find instead of black. I'm going against my non tanning rule right now. I've been a couple of times only because I don't want to get sunburned the first day of the cruise and blister or anything. I get pretty tan for a redhead but I also burn like one.

My shin and whole left leg is hurting like a mother chicken!! I think I have a shin splint?? But...it hurt all the way up into my buttocks. I'm getting ready to ice it like a good girl once I get done playing toy. I'm so use to being in pain from my accident when I was little that it's almost just a normal thing. I guess that's the only good thing that came out of that. That and my cool scars ;)

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sunniejane said...

Man I wish I was going on vacation. I usually am gone this week but we just did not get it done. You will have so much fun. I always tan a little too because I spend so much time in the sun.

Colette said...

Just watch out for the tanning beds...they are worse for your skin than the sun!

Glad you still get your oats and got a new diet. That changes things up a bit and makes it more interestind ;)

Hope your legs gets better real fast!

thirtysomething said...

New diet and it has YAMS and OATS!!! Might I say JEALOUS!! I'm so excited for you, you leave for your cruise in less than 3 weeks, that's coming up quick!! Oh the changes are going to start happening quick...I was just thinking last night... it was so fun watching you go through contest prep the first time...and you didn't even know I was a fan!!

Anonymous said...

Ha sounds like the diet I was just on! This time around my yams are dropped but I get to keep my oats so woot on that!
Sounds like we have the same skin and you are going to have a blast on your vacation!
Anymore now I hurt all the time too. I just ignore it lol if it becomes too much I resort to Advil and tiger balm...that stuff rocks!!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute....Grapefruit? wtf, I never got grapefruit...EVER! LOL!

Mia said...

new diet diet sounds good. the t-man had me on some kind of special grapefruit and "other" combo meal plan. it really stripped the fat off of me bigtime!! enjoy it! that's why he is the king of fat-burning and mind-building and dont we just LOVE him!! :)

C2 said...

Just dropping by! :) Glad you got a new diet April! :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, I had grapefruit at one point too!!! Poor Stacey! He really must not like you! JK!!

Yeah for the new diet! I love getting changes! Be VERY careful with those damn tanning beds, they are BAD.

Hope your leg is feeling better!

Hage Family said...

Oh yummo...I so want some variety of carbs. Excited to see the changes coming for you with your body! woo hoo