Friday, May 1, 2009

Where am I?

Seriously, do I live in Seattle? Cornfield behind my house, flat as can be,(the land not me although that is true too) McDonalds not Starbucks on the corner, nope still in Indiana. I'm SICK of the freaking rain!!!!!

My sister's house is ALMOST most finish. She is basically going to have a brand new house after the flood June 7th 2008...yes she's still homeless. Her and my BIL have been staying with my dad so she's okay though. Her house will be done just in time for another flood :) I really wanted to help her decorate etc...but with no job now that won't happen.

I was watching Oprah yesterday and it was the one where Kirstie Alley admits she's fat again. You know why? She moved all of her workout equipment to her garage and didn't use it for the last year and a half. Also the Jenny Craig people don't weigh her every week. I find that if I don't weigh myself every week it's really easy for the weight to creep up. When I first started with Tony I lost weight like a champ, it was a loss everytime I stepped on the scale. My body was molding itself into something it's never been before. Now I know i'm still molding but it's not been my friend lately. Up and down, i'm 118.6 as of yesterday. I didn't weight this morning because I didn't poop yesterday LOL! So back to Kirstie. She doesn't point blame on anyone but herself. She is responsible. Not her trainers or Jenny Craig.

My husband begged me not to color my hair :( If I do he probably wouldn't even notice! I'm getting it trimmed tonight so i'll ask the hairdresser more about it.

I'm really excited about helping out with the Easter Seals. I found out more about what i'll be doing and that is helping autistic children ages 6 mos~18 years. I have been doing some research but I have also asked MelissaH to answer any questions that I have as she is living with a child who has autism. She would be able to help more than any professionals out there. Thanks Melissa!!!


Stacey said...

I hear ya on the rain!!! We haven't seen the sun in days and now it's like 50 degrees today on top of the wet gloomy crap...I'm about to kill an animal and punch a baby!

I kid, I kid! lol :) but still...UGH!

Mary M said...

Hey girl...I hear ya in regards to your TIRED of being fat great before and after photos by the way! I am in my first week of 12 prepping for my first competition in SC....I would love for you to be a follower of my blog! WE can encourage each other!
Have a blessed weekend.

Melissa H said...

Have tried to post via phone all day & it is finally letting me!! Can't wait to hear your stories. And, on behalf of all of those parents, I thank you.

Mary M said...

Hey April..thanks so much for following my blog! Also on my before status...I am excited to see the transformation..I just received my second weeks plan...and WOW! Am I gonna have to have some ENERGY!
You look awesome!

Giabella Designs said...

I have been reading your blog for the last month or so and am very impressed with your progress. Is this with only the online trainer and your home gym? I belong to a great gym and would like to hire a personal trainer......yours is online......how does it work? just e-mails and phone calls? no gimick? I am currently battling my husband over paying for a trainer (real or online) but will find a way:)