Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lazy is not my middle name

Since I slacked on the morning cardio yesterday my hubby called me lazy. No
I know he was only kidding but I had to fix that. I hopped on the gazelle last night after dinner and did that for about 25 minutes. This morning I was going to jog 2 miles but like I had mentioned in my last post I upped the weights this week. Since Tuesday was leg day and the DOMS come 2 days later I just did a fast walk instead. My fast walks are at 4.5 so its intense for my little legs.

I was going out to get the paper this morning in my flip flops, short shorts and sleeves cut off tee's that I slept in last night. That is pretty much what I always look like in the mornings. It's a routine Boomer goes with me and I always say "Come walk with mommy". She just doesn't want to walk anymore?? Low and behold this morning she was gung ho!! Good thing they're Nike flip flops cause they are soooo comfy. I thought to myself man i'm glad it's dark and no one can see me or is up yet. Then around the corner came a herd of bicyclers!!! I didn't have Boomer on a leash so I said come walk by mommy and they probably thought I was nuts because i'm sure they didn't see her being black and all?? Nice way to start the day Goofy


Laurie said...

Let's hear it for the hubby getting you motivated to do that extra carido and Boomer getting you out there for a little more!