Thursday, June 7, 2007

Back pics!

This was after Tony's ab workout! 620 various crunches!!!

I have a weird sort of muscle growing underneath my boob?
I know it's sad that little oops covers what I have up!!

Eating was great today. I resisted the cake everybody else was eating all day! Go Me!


KatieFeldmom said...

Your back looks amazing!!!
LOL at the OOPS!!!
YAY for passing up the cake!!!

Angela said...

Look at you chickie! You look great! Lovin the shoulders! You are so gonna look great at the end of 15 weeks!

Trojan said...

WOWSERS..look at all your progress. you go girl....Looking really tight!

Colette said...

Looking great!! Keep it going...almost to the finish line ;)

Is that a tat I see???

Anonymous said...

lol your so cute! That weird little muscle is called a Trap...well part of it anyway but trust me it's a good thing! You look awesome!

Sydney said...

Nice definition--great work!

Anonymous said...

Okay I was blow drying my hair when I remembered what I said in my comment and HELLO I am stupid...I totally meant to say LATS not traps..dang and I'm studying to be a trainer???? lmao!!