Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well look at was in my spot in the garage.

My hubby decided he wanted another bike. He okayed it by saying I have Tony every month so he can have a bike payment every month??? Tony isn't a money waster and he knows that. If he only knew what I wasted my $$$ on. Happy That is what is great about our marriage my $$$ is mine and his is his. We never argue over it!! It's awesome.
Plus I know he doesn't have a payment since he paid in cash. Shock
We talked the other day how we must just really like being together because we don't have kids or anything holding us down. I don't mean that every marriage is together because of kids, that didn't come out right. I'm just trying to say that we really love each other.
Enough mushy crap. Today I had a great shoulder workout and I increased the weights on my lateral side raises and my overhead press YIPPEE! Oh, and I love doing shrugs by the way. I got up early this morning and did a 20 walk at 10% incline, just enough to break a little sweat. Yesterday I did legs and once again increased all my weights!! Watch out this girl is going to be buff! Until Tony has me doing double cardio and eating no carbs Hmm
Oh yeah, and Thursday is Angela's b-day and i'm going to eat 5 peanut M&M's to celebrate!!


Laurie said...

Do we all get to eat some M's for Angela's birthday 'cause I'm in!

Biggest fight my now hubby and I ever got in was over money, he had it and I didn't and I didn't feel right letting him always take me out. He put it very bluntly that the didn't care, he cared about me and what was his was mine. I realized I was being stupid and that we haven't so much as argued over money in the last 7 years. It's so great to have an understanding that works for you.

Picture update time!

Reese Mortensen said...

I love doing shrugs tooo!!!!!

I try to shape a diamond when doing it (with my trapezoid)...it gives much more intensity.

You're going to be buff buff buff :-)

Nice bike...OMG...i adore motorbiiiiikeeees.

Good that ya got split money :-)

I am glad that you did increase your shoulder poundage!!! Keep it up girl

Stay Frosty!!!


KatieFeldmom said...

Cool bike!!

Way to go on the uppage of the weights. Hmm, I think I made a new word there. Uppage.

Angela said...

I think you can have more than 5 m&ms.....do you know what candy i am craving??? Peanut Chews! I may have one....or two :) since its my birthday and all....

Me and Adam have the same deal with money...which is why we dont fight over money either.and we are going to keep it the same way after we get married..I could never have him see how much money i waste....lol He pays the bills, I pay the mortgage :) We split the groceries and other little things...works out perfectly :)

Colette said...

Nice bike. My son wants one of those. My hubby has a Harley and I love it!!

Congrats on the increase.

Enjoy those M&M's...I'd go crazy if they were peanut ones...yummmm