Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long road ahead!

This Saturday will mark 12 weeks until my first competition!! I am celebrating by doing 6 - 45 minute cardio sessions a week! That is on top of my Tony workouts! So I will be getting up at 4:55 a.m. every morning UGH! Why am I doing this? Because I believe in myself, I know I can do this. I will get up on that stage and be the best me I can be.

I had a love/hate workout yesterday. Love shoulders, hate biceps but it rocked! I have veins on my shoulders and in my abs YIPPEE!! Today was killer ab day my fave!

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My arms look pretty good in my work bathroom mirror that I may actually take my camera to work and take a pic!! Trying to remind myself why I am doing 45 min extra cardio a day.

Just for fun tonight I shaved my arms!! No more gorilla arms!


Stef said...

WooHoo...Way to go! you are on it girl!


Reese Mortensen said...

OMGGGGGG! Veins in shoulders and abs!!! i want thaaaat girl i want it soooo bad!!!!!!!!! Post a pic post a pic post a piiiic. Only 12 weeks left, oh my gawd! You will be rocking on that stage babe. You WILL BE ROCKIIIIINGGGGGGGGGG


Colette said...

I am so the opposite...HATE shoulders and LOVE working my bi's!! My shoulders are so weak :(

Shaved your arms??

12 weeks to go...that is the beginning of most challenges out there. You already have a head start you lucky woman ; )

doidle said...

WOW, I'm impressed. That's crazy good!! 6 45 minute-ers. I hope you have some good workout music.

Reese said...

You crack me up. It sounds like you had a Tony pep talk too. I got an email from him yesterday that had me pumped for my entire workout.

Can't wait to see what the next weeks bring and how everything comes together for your comp.

Laurie said...

I regularly think about shaving my arms, but figure it would make it worse and I'm the only one that really notices - have you done this before? Does it make it worse or lead to constant upkeep?

April said...

Laurie, this is my first time. It is weird but only I can tell. I'll let you know how it is when it grows back!!

Laurie said...

Definitely let me know, it drives me nuts and I'm always tempted but afraid it grow back even worse or darker.