Friday, June 15, 2007

Vacation Day

Ahhhh.....Vacation Days. So far I have eaten my breakfast, watched Fight Girls and am now watching Starter's Wife. I love Tivo.

I plan on heading out to the mall and buying some new running shoes. Of course i'm going to Ryka's because they are the only shoes that don't make my feet fall asleep. I may look around JcPenney's too just to see what else I can waste my money on. So far this week i've bought, 42 pkg of Met-rx, extreme chocolate and strawberry Optimum Nutrition powder, toffee stevia, and instone pudding. I think I'm addicted to online shopping!!

Tomorrow I head over to Cincy to get measured for my suit. I feel a lot less anxious knowing someone with experience will be measuring me. She is also making my suit too. This other girl Jodi who will be doing my show and we've gotten to know each other just purchased hers from there too. She bought it Monday and Amy is sent it out yesterday! It wasn't stoned but that is a pretty good turn around I think. I'll find out more info tomorrow I guess.

For the rest of the day i'll just be checking the clock for the next feeding time, doing my shoulder workout, and laying around. Maybe i'll read the book I started a month ago. It is called The Ideal Husband by Dean Koontz.

I was up later than usual last night and had some air popped popcorn. This blog is like my confessional too:)

Hi Angela! Miss ya Computer


Anonymous said...

LOVE Fight Girls and Starter Wife!!!!
Have a great day off :)

Trojan said...

What did you think of the Toffee? I am guzzeling Choc Rasp right now:)

Enjoy it girl!

Reese Mortensen said...

Heyooo! Its me nora!!!

I love your suit design!!! :-)

i contacted amy, we'll see with what i can come up with, i want a simple hologram, but bright color ;-)

You will rock on the comp girl....really, i saw your pics...and you have a very good structure.

I am addicted to online shopping too!!

Next week i will buy Pro tan competition tan, just to get tanned! lol.

I use also MRP,,,ummmm hey...i think i will make a new blog...and write the stuff i eat there. You wont believe the quantity of supplements i shove down. I am the store itself :-)

Muuuuuah, big kisses