Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Following the trend

Well I do live in Indiana you know!!

Today I had a great back and tricep workout. I am seeing new ab muscles and it's wonderful! I think my husband is jeaulous even though he has a six pack and can still eat real food! I'm still waiting on my shoulder cuts. Disappointed 3

Tomorrow is up early for extra cardio! Hips seem to be getting a bit smaller but I still need a lot off of that area. Plus those getting smaller is making my saddle bags look larger???

I just downed my MRP and now I feel sick. It tastes so good! I only look forward to eating breakfast and my shake other than that I could skip everything else at this point. Work has been full of catering places this week! Donatos, donuts, cookies, and Quiznos. Not one bite has made it into my mouth nor will it!!! I did however have 5 peanut m&m's on Monday. Sorry but I won't lie to you Apology 2


Jen said...

YAY feets!! My hubby laughed!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!!! Your awesome!