Saturday, June 23, 2007

Slow and Steady.....Right?

Here are some pictures. I wouldn't quite call them progress pictures but they should be. I can see changes or new things happening to my body so I guess I should be happy. My weight this morning was 119.2! At least I didn't gain anything. I am going to weigh tomorrow too because after breakfast I think I dropped the 10 lbs i've been holding all week.
Toilet Reading

My head looks really small? Maybe my shoulders are getting wider!

I don't believe i'll ever be happy with this shot.

I need some serious posing practice. The pooch is getting smaller though I think?

Getting better?
Hope everyone has a great weekend. It's raining here blah.
I wonder how Martha's doing right now!!!


Reese Mortensen said...

OMG girl! You look impressssiiiiiiveeeeeeee.

Those abs, those aaaaaaabs.

You got laterals (back) toooo!!! You'll have an amazing V-Taper.

Your posing is good, just improve the back one. Maybe if you bring your arms just a bit more spaced you could flare out your laterals a bit more. Dunno, just a suggestion. Its very hard to pose girl. Thumbs up for ya!

And ya got a nice taaaan!!!!

Keep it up up up!

Take care


Colette said...

I so noticed those back muscles!!! WOW big time on that!
All your hard work is for sure paying off. Wow again!!

I really like that tattoo on the back...very pretty ; )

Angela said...

WOW Girlie.....looking good! What pooch??? you got abs! The side pose looks great....you can definitely see changes....god im soo jealous!

Eileen said...

I for one am impressed at the changes in your butt! You are looking really good.....

Laurie said...

WOW!!! Looks great, I see nothing but progress - you are going to kick some ass at that comp!!!