Friday, June 1, 2007


All week my hubby has been saying I am getting ready to start. I said whatever!! I just got off 2 weeks ago. After my workout today sure enough Aunt Flow is here Annoyed And Disappointed How does he always know? Is it the fact that I am a raging bitch during this time? I think that is the biggest clue. Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy. My body has been going through some weird changes so I guess it's just mixed up. At least I can poop now!

Even though I am feeling bloated and like crap check out my legs!! I think I am seeing muscles! This is coming from someone who didn't like working my legs because it only makes them bigger. Uh...yeah if you don't get the 5 layers of fat off while your doing it!

We went out to dinner tonight and rented a movie. It's called The Asylum. Looks pretty good. I had the greek chicken salad mmmmmm it's tasty!

Oh and Angela, I left work at 3:30 today! Just in case I didn't answer any e-mails!

I'm going to an NPC show tomorrow! WooHoo I can't wait!


Angela said...

Yeah, thanks.....and i thought you were ignoring me....lol

Email me tomorrow on my yahoo account after you get home tomorow...let me know how it went!

Angela said...

P.S. Your legs look great!

Laurie said...

I know I see muscle, awesome!

Reese said...

Chiming in to say...awesome legs!

Sydney said...

Legs look fabulous! Imagine how cut you'll be by Sept. Can't wait to hear how the show was--hope you have some pics. Have fun.

Mia said...

Legs look FAN-TAWWWWW-STICK!!!!!

you are such an inspiration. i think i see your teardrops coming in . i think that is what big T calls them, right?


Lori said...


have fun at the show, I love going to them, so motivating.

MichelleInFlorida said...

Nice legs, April! Where is your show again?