Saturday, September 1, 2007

Spinning and posing

It felt so good this morning to get up and go somewhere instead of on my treadmill LOL! Spinning was awesome and i'm definitely going to feel it tomorrow. I'm also going back Saturday :)

Andi asked if i've taken a posing class before because I looked great!! There were three other girls there that had competed before so I kind of just watched what they did. One of them I may be competing against YIKES!!! She was beautiful, this is her first figure show but she was a bodybuilder so she has tons of muscles. Andi was talking with her though and said that the OCB really likes a leaner look?? We'll see! Andi also told me about the show in Chicago and she thinks I should be in it too. It is more of a bikini contest and she said I would do great. She is like me and cannot build her shoulders for anything. She is small hipped though and since she is just now prepping I can tell her weight went straight to her middle area. That is where I have a bit of an advantage I think. I really don't carry much weight there. She really boosted my confidence! She said I have such a tiny waist and that the judges will love it!

Either way i'm so excited to be doing this no matter what happens. I'll weigh tomorrow but I will take pics for Tony tonight. I may post if there are any changes.

After spin class :) Andi and I

This is Keisha, maybe my competition. Might I add that after posing she ate a huge MegaCollasal Protein Bar!! LUCKY!!


Laurie said...

It all sounds great and like you're going to do awesome - but we already knew that!

B said...

I love spinning! you look great for just finishing a class.

Trojan said...

You look SOOOOOOOOO fantastic....believe in yourself now more than ever...you deserve to be on stage.


Reese Mortensen said...

You look great!!!!!!!!

I think you will do fantastic on stage!!!!