Friday, August 3, 2007

Pics for Martha :)

These may not be the pics your looking for right now but they'll have to do LOL! I'm afraid to put my suit on too much and frankly there is just not that big of a difference. My hubby keeps telling me there is but I don't see it yet. Of course if I took pics with it on maybe I would notice hmmmmm..........

This was taken this year in Feb. I got this suit 4 years ago and yes I actually fit in it. It was easy to be skinny then(4 years ago) but...I felt like a cow. At 112 lbs. I thought I was still fat. In reality I probably was? I am not FAT now though I am FIT.
I was actually feeling much better in this pic. I had lost like 7 lbs by then. (the one above that is)
This was taken yesterday. I felt like I was standing up straight?? I was probably about to fall in those heels.

Back muscles. They look awesome when the light hits them right :)


Musclelicious said...

You look amazing April, especially 7wks out! I don't know what you are worrying about, but you have no cellulite and your backside is definitely shaping up. I'm glad I will not be competing against you, put it that way! Nice back muscles by the way.

Reese Mortensen said...

You look amaizng april!!!

A huge change!!!!!

:-) No cellulite at all :_D

You will rock baby!!! 7 weeks outttt


Trojan said...

You are going to get THAT butt girl...I think i have glut envy.

Great job and keep rocking it!


Laurie said...

SHEEZZ!!!! That's a great back! You've been doing amazing! Look at that progress - I remain, as usual, in awe.

Colette said...

Wow!! What a difference in the pics! You have come a long way girl. Your back looks incredible, and your waist is smaller.

Seeing these side by side should do wonders for your motivation. Damn! Keep up that great work you're doing and in just a couple weeks you'll be getting that first place trophy!!

Trojan said...

4255 for the week...what did you end up with?

Stef said...

Wow April! You are totally on your way!


Anonymous said...

Look at your cute lil' butt! Lookin' good girl!!!

Marthab said...

Hi April! Just stopped in for a minute on my vacation craziness! You are looking so great...your waist is TINY!

Keep up the AWESOME work!