Saturday, September 29, 2007

I was trying to be naughty

The tearoom was great! We all had a terrific time! My chicken salad was tasty and it had apples shhhh.....I actually bought this dessert at Target today. Just as a joke I sent the picture to Tony and ask if I can include this in my new plan. To my suprise here is his answer "great....put a little cinnamon on it and it'll be perfect" HUH? WHA-WHA-WHA??? I told him I was trying to be naughty! I think I am going to like gaining this muscles :)

When I was buying asparagus at Target the young clerk asked me what it was?? I should have said avacado since those are waaayyy cheaper.

My mom really approved of my addage of 5 lbs. to my body :) I forgot to metion but when she was putting tanner on me she started tearing up saying I was too thin....it was kind of sad. I told her you see me eat all the time mom. I have just been doing A LOT of carido don't worry. My aunt and mom are both wanting me to make them a new diet now. I told them try www.dreambodies.net his name is Tony LOL!! Which also reminds me that on show day during the prejudging and actual show I went to my mom's and sent Tony a pic from her computer. He said it took him a while to figure out who it was LOL!!!


thirtysomething said...

In response to the comment you left me on my blog....well I am a redhead too! Anyhow, difference here is you have the Tony after body and get to eat that YUM you have pictured on your site, and I have the Tony after only 3 days body, who has to eat chicken, chicken, and more chicken. But actually I am not complaining one bit, I feel excellent! And yes that asparagus is pricey. I had to hide that grocery receipt from my husband!

Tressa said...

hey girl.... just found out i gotta come out on stage to a song or mix- any suggestions????!! how long does it have to be - 2, 3 minutes?! thanks :)

Colette said...

So glad your having fun with the eating and workouts. Glad your mom is happier now too. It's hard to see someone you love lose so much weight. She probably didn't realize it is just a temporary thing at that time and when comp is over, the weight adds on some.
As far as thinking that was a "cheat" of course it wouldn't be...your comp is over so you can relax somewhat...until you want to do the next one ;)

The pics are cute and looks like a fun time ;)

Hope your week is great!