Sunday, October 28, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone! I lost you all for about 3 days :( Our computer took a crap. Thank goodness for fantasy football because my hubby ran out and bought another laptop. He is all into it like i'm sure many others husbands are out there. This one has a built in webcam. Hmmmm....second job? LOL!

Nothing exciting happening this weekend. I went to a Halloween party last night but forgot my camera (sorry Angela). I'll be dressed up again on Wednesday so i'll try and remember then :) Mike and I took Boomer for a walk to wear her ass out. She has been so hyper lately. It's like she has DADD, dog attention deficit disorder. She is part border collie so I guess it's understandable. She is a very well behaved dog and never runs off and minds so I guess I won't complain.

Now I need to go and read everyone's blog and see if i've missed anything.


Stef said...

New computer??? I want one!


Colette said...

DADD, I like that one ;)

Yep, my hubby is into that whole fantasy football thing too...thank goodness his team won today! Sad thing though, he's getting a fantasy basketball one now too!!! Oh well.

How nice to get a new laptop.
Enjoy ;)

KatieFeldmom said...

Can't wait to see your Halloween costume!!!

Laurie said...

Wow - I have a Fantsy Football Obessed husband too (he usually does well enough to make money on it so I don't complain too loudly) and I have a full border collie and a husband who hasn't been running much since his marathon and that dog is going nuts - I feel your pain.