Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 WEEK OUT!! - 110.2 lbs.

Well I have one week left. This will be a busy week and I hope i'm not forgetting anything. I think Tony has be carb depleting tomorrow. He had this plan to load me up with sodium but changed his mind thank goodness! I hate salt and as you can tell my body doesn't shed fat or water too easily.

I got my hair trimmed and highlighted last night. It feels and looks much better.

I've got my Target shopping done and my fridge still looks bare LOL! I had to go to Kroger to find some asparagus and spend $10 on it! I may go jean shopping today? Maybe I should wait until after the show when i'm bloated with pizza and chocolate!

I'm going to take Boomer for a walk in the park today for some extra cardio. I have found that I have no problem sticking with a diet or doing cardio it needs to maintain a healthy life. I do however despise evening cardio prepping for a show!!! I can't wait for that to be over with so I can veg on couch with my hubby :)


Colette said...

Your hair looks GREAT!! $10!!! That's crazy (but at least you could find it.

I think hubby is looking forward to that time with his wife too.

Angela said...

Love the hair! It looks great!

Stef said...

You look awesome April!

Wow, only a week left....FANTASTIC!


B said...

your hair looks great!!! you look great!! I went to a fitness show last evening I took tons of pics to show everyone but they are all blurry we couldn't use flash and I had it on the wrong setting- I am annoyed to say the least.

Laurie said...

Your hair looks great!