Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Reverse the above situation!! WooHoo!! I love oatmeal!!


Reese Mortensen said...


;-) N.

Marthab said...

My last few bites of oatmeal make me gag right now. I never had this problem before. Hmmm.

Colette said...

Yay!!!!!!! I know you're liking that ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish I liked it more~but I eat it!

sonniejane said...

I have had it everyday for the last year and the last few bites are rough.

Eve is going to Nationals said...

Oh my gosh - oatmeal yummo! It's my favourite meal of the day, if I could I would have it every meal. Yummy creamy oats (well watered down and with 1 egg white mixed in to boost it up to look like lots)covered in cinnamon, and my icy protien shake - LOVE IT!!!

By the way, thanks for your comments - yip I guess I will look like barbie, (I was told that's how I looked last time too) was going for Marilyn Munroe (doing Diamonds are a girls best friend, so will be the same kind pink as her dress in the movie) as my song - same as last comp.

Your suit colour and style looks soooooo good on you girl, and by the way, you are looking fabulous for 3 weeks out and your legs are stunning - wish mine looked like yours, mine are more like tree stumps! Genetics eh?

Keep it up, you're doing so so well, My vote is for Firestarter!