Wednesday, September 19, 2007

109.2 before carb load ;)

Here's me today! I know i'm crazy but I still have fat in the back where my hips are....and a pooch. Oh well, i'm proud of the job i've done anyway. This is only the beginning. I was told to eat a double cheeseburger today! LOL!!


Unknown said...


I have no words, you look gorgeous. Your body is sooo defined. Your legs are impressive!!!!.

Your v-taper tooo!!!! OMG you will look amazing. You are MY heroe!!!!

I admire you veeery much


Stef said...

Wow! Awesome April!

I know what you mean with the excess fat.....not that I see it on you, but that is where I carry it on me. I have always wondered if I actually was able to get to the point where you are, if my ass would really every be gone. I carry SO MUCH excess in that area that I am not sure if I was below 10%bf, it'd be gone.

I am so sorry that I will not be able to go to your show. I wanted to so badly, but it is the weekend of my pole dance thingy for my hubby and we are celebrating our anniversary.

I know you will totally kick ass and no matter what, you should be so stinkin' proud of what you have accomplished.....there are so many of us out there that just can't seem to get to the point where you are today.

Kick ass girl.....YOU ROCK!

Stef =)

mb said...

New pics tomorrow after the carbs? We wanna see!

Laurie said...

Damn Skippy you'd better be freaking proud or I'd be on a plane down there to kick your ass (okay I'd try but looking like you do would probably scare the piss out of my and make me run away like a little girl) That's my long-winded way to of saying you look amazing!!!

B said...

I agree you look amazing! I am sooo excited for you.