Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Refreshed and back at it ........sort of

Today was my first weight workout since last Wednesday. I actually asked Tony for it HA! He wanted me to just do some light cardio all week but I was going nuts!!! It felt good too so i'm glad to get my body pumpin again!

Okay here the food damage and no I'm not going to weigh myself :) Actually I haven't been that bad and Tony told me to go ahead and have one cheat meal a day if I wanted. I've tried not to but.....it happens! Sunday was the worst! I had all those dark chocolate M&M's, PB&J french toast, leftover BBQ chicken pizza, rice cakes, PB&J sandwich, Mocha Frappicino, i'm sure i'm forgetting some things in there but lets just say the PB is gone :) I threw away an unopened pkg of rice cakes just cause I knew I would eat them if they were there. Monday I had 7 no bake cookies mmmmmm.....talk about being sick later ugh! Then Tuesday I had more BBQ chicken pizza that this guy I work with made from scratch YUM! Everything else has been healthy though so that good. Mike and I went out to the Outback last night and I had the Ahi tuna salad and avoided the bread basket. Yes, will power is coming back!

While we were there I told him that I would cheat at least once a month. He was happy to hear that. Then after talking with Tony the plan he is going to put me on will include weekly cheats!! HUH WHAT!!!!????? YIPPEE! I told him I may not take them that often and he said that's okay just do what I need to and we can reevaluate at any time. I love him! In a non-sexual way of course;)

So Monday i'll start my new plan until then i'm eating clean with a few crappy things thrown in there. Today my meals went like this:

1/2 cup egg whites/oats
3 oz tuna, 3 oz green beans
1 chicken salad
1 whole bag of trail mix
skipped whey shake (sick of trail mix)
worked out
skipped MRP (still sick of trail mix)
Chicken and asparagus

See it looks good except the trail mix LOL!!!!

One more thing, I was burning 6000+ cals a week and so far i've burned 842 this week hee hee! That's less than one day during prep! Ahhhhhh relaxing :)


Unknown said...

You rock!!!

yipppeeeee will power!

So what are your plans/goals for now?



KatieFeldmom said...

Ahi tuna salad? I'm going to have to try that ... sounds delish!!!

Sunnie said...

Don't even get me started on trail mix. My absolute favorite.

Colette said...

Good for you April. It's okay to have a cheat meal once a week...hey, if Tony says so, it cant' be bad, right? It will be good for you body...and your brain.

Glad you enjoyed that weight workout...I do enjoy those days ;)

Again, Congrats on everything you've done!!

Laurie said...

I, personally, would never have to worry about eating a package of rice cakes, open or not :)

Congrats again and enjoy this time.

Tina said...


I've been following your blog and your posts with the CODivas! I just thought I would drop by and let you know you were my inspiration for getting started with Tony! You looked absolutely stunning for your competition, and I was on tracker and your site all day last Saturday waiting for updates!!! I thought you should have placed first, but it is the process that matters most, you truely are a Competition Diva! Can't wait to see what your future plans are!


Unknown said...

enjoy the cheats while you can! I admire that you're not going overboard like I did. ;o)