Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mission today new jeans

Okay summer is almost over and the new shorts I had bought are all big now :( I guess really I should be happy. So if it ever cools down I thought I know my jeans probably won't fit. Boy was I right.

In the back pick you can really see the wads of fat that just won't got away! See I wasn't making it up!!

I can't wait until 3:00 to go and get my foot massage and pedicure aaaahhhh......I am off today and tomorrow so why was I up at 5:15a??? Instead of getting out of bed though I just laid there and relaxed. Thank you Boomer for not coming and getting mommy out of bed. Mike's alarm went off and that is when I got up and then I made him a ham,cheese, and egg sandwich :)

I'll take some pics later. I'm stilling getting plenty of carbs today YAHOO!!!

Weight this morning 109.2 LOL!!


Marthab said...

I bought new jeans, too. I had pile of jeans to put on Ebay right before I competed. Good thing I never got to it cuz I was able to wear them. They are still loose but not like right before comp.


I wish we could web cam the dang show!

Colette said...

Ok, I DO NOT see ANY pooch or fat...what are you seeing?? You look like a very tiny person who is going to win the comp.!!

Anonymous said...

Stop freakin!!! You look AWESOME! I am so excited for you!!! I don't see fat, but I know you see things on yourself, I feel ya there. OMG I can't wait!

Laurie said...

Wads of fat?!?! All I see is wads of baggy butt jeans!

Colette said...

Baggy butt jeans...thats what I was thinking too ;)

sweetnshort2 said...

Hey April!

You look great! I think you have that beautiful "feminine" body shape (with the hips) and I think you will look elegant on stage.