Friday, September 28, 2007

Woohoo! It's Friday!

My week of relaxed eating and workouts is almost over. This week Tony gave me 35 mins walk for monday, 1 hour walk for Tuesday, Full body Wednesday, Abs Thursday, Full body Friday and Abs Saturday. I'll be doing a bit extra cardio on Sat. and Sunday too :) Remember the weights were only because I asked and i'm glad I did!

I went out to Chili's for lunch today and ordered the tilapia and veggies. It feels good to be able to hang with my co-workers again. Actually once I told them I couldn't eat out with them anymore they stopped eating out on Friday's too. I guess i'm the glue LOL!! We all had a good time today though. I did well with my meals but there were a bunch of M&M's and boston baked beans througout the day too. Oh and one Reese's cup, I really don't even like those either????

I have to say since I COULD eat bad once and again I am surprised at how well I didn't let it get out of control. Oh which reminds me that I weighed in this morning at 112.4 so i've gained 4.8 lbs!! It feels good though and i'm not worried about it. I know Tony is putting together an awesome new program for me to start on Monday.

Tomorrow I am going to Auntie M's tearoom and I can't wait!!! I may take my camera because the place is just to dang cute! I am also going out dancing and possibly drinking a few with my sister tomorrow night. Now my hubby says he may want to go too! I'm usually the life of the party when we go out but when he's out it's all on him!! I told him he just wants to go because he sees how hot I can be now HA!


Sunnie said...

Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like a fun one.

Chris H. said...

In a way, isn't it nice to get back to the norm, but be under control somewhat?? Keep at it.