Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yo Yimmity Yam!!

Today is my carbiliscious day!! Woohoo!! I have oatmeal running out of my ears right now and I need to go grab some more yams at lunch. Tony asked if I had any and I though "Now why would I have yams?" I haven't had them since a couple meals plans back when I was on that same one for 5 or 6 weeks??? LOL!!

I am anxious to see if my energy level is better tonight and mind isn't so foggy.

Ugh....I don't know if I can eat all of this hee hee!!


Colette said...

I would bet money that you will have enerergy and your mind will be working right...our bodies are meant to have mostly carbs for a reason ;)

KatieFeldmom said...

YUMMY!!! Enjoy!!!

sonniejane said...

Yams are my favorite.