Sunday, September 16, 2007

Clown Makeup

I went to my mom's today and I think we perfected the makeup! I don't normally wear any and if I do it's brown and that's it. We had fun with the colors and I am wearing pink eye shadow and blush *gasp*! I hate pink!! It does look good with the DARK makeup though. The eyelashes aren't the ones i'll be wearing and I forgot to put mascara on my bottom lashes LOL! I also forgot my eye shadow base and blending sponges at home. So on Saturday we'll go darker and be able to blend it better.

I use to work at a cosmetics counter and loved makeup. Doing makeovers was so much fun. That is what is weird about me never wearing any. My hubby says I don't need it though so I guess that is good.

I was going to whiten my teeth this week but.......I don't think I will now :)

If anyone has any tips or anything pass that on!


Unknown said...

My god!!! You look stunningly beautiful!

I cant believe its just 1 week left!!!!!!!!

Whoa....amazing. The lashes look great, but i would add some black eyeliner, so you cant tell where the false ones begin.

Your hair color is amazing. Heyyyyyy, full picsssss ;-)

You will rock! I trust in ya.


mb said...

I think it looks good! I would suggest maybe a little darker on the eyes. Those lights really drown out the color. OMG. It's so exciting to be this close, huh?

April said...

Thanks guys! Now that mom and I know what we are going to do we will definetly go darker on the shadow. Plus when the base is on it helps to bring out the color. Darker eyeliner noted :)

Anonymous said...

I also agree with darker on the eyes...Browns are the best! And since I know your a Bare Escentuals fan, my favorite all over color that I put on my eyes before I proceed with some contouring and liner is a glimmer called Precious~it's beautiful, gives the stuff you put on top some sparkle :)... My favorite eyeliner/mineral is Bark. Also a good tip is putting some Coultered Pearl right under your brow bone as a highlight, it looks awesome!

You look absolutely beautiful by the way and I love the false lashes!!

Colette said...

Well, hubby is right in the fact that you don't need makeup...you have that "natural" beauty thing going for you.

I'm assuming the rest of you will be as dark as your face lol I don't know anything about stage makeup, so no advise here about that. I can't believe how calm you seem! You're awesome!!

Sunnie said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! You are going to knock em dead!

Barbara said...

You look beautiful...no need to whiten the teeth they are PLENTY white. Remember the teeth whitening episode on "Friends"? hehe...kidding.