Monday, November 26, 2007


That was Mike's word used to describe me tonight and I actually agree with him. I can't stop flexing my arms and looking at them. It's like overnight they grew or something. I guess i'll quit whining about the eating because by golly it's actually working.

I got my Tuesday~Thursday meal plan from Tony today and it looks a lot more desireable to me than the one i'm on right now. Not one yam or any rice :) There is still an apple though and cottage cheese mmmmmm......I missed you cottage cheese(stares at the back of thighs*NO NOT YOU).

Mike and I did something odd tonight. We ate at the table!! We are going to start doing that more often. It was nice just to sit there and talk about our day. Of course mine has to do with my workout and my new meal plan cause I don't wanna talk about work when i'm home.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of talking with husbands.....I feel so bad for mine. ALL I want to talk about is Tony and my workouts and what I'm eating. He must be bored out of his mind!

Tony has me doing alot of biceps so I CAN'T wait to see some muscles once this FAT gets burned off!

SO happy that you are seeing results! There's nothing like seeing those beautiful muscles showing through!

Sunnie said...

I know my husband gets tired of me always talking about my workouts,how much I lifted today,oh and "why you are sitting here listening could you please check out my guns to see if they are any bigger" He is so sweet and he just goes with the flow but sometimes I can just tell he wishes I would talk about something else for a change.

That is cool that you are growing and still getting to eat.

Tina said...

That is awesome, your guns are growing!! Keep fueling the muscle!!

It seems like all I talk about is training, Tony, and my fellow divas, too! What can I say, I am obsessed! I try to talk about my hubby's beefy look, and he just says....are you saying I am fat? I think he is having similar April issues...he is seeing it as fat, I am seeing it as muscle growth...oh the silly minds of bulkers!!

Can't wait to see new pics of the guns!!

:) Tina

Stef said...

Beefy...I like that! See, it is working!!!!!

Its funny that so many use Tony. I think thats awesome! I bet Tony is glad that he has gotten so many out of our little blogging circle (which isn't so little anymore..LOL)

Have a great day, April!


Angela said...

Beefy?? where? I wish i was as beefy as you...LOL!

We never sit at the table either! Always on the coffee table in the living room in front of the TV! But thats usually because i have so much crap on the table that we cant eat there even if we wanted to! LOL!

Barbara said...

You crack me up.....you are going to be one muscular woman:)

Mia said...

we use tony because he is the best :) hands down! this is sooo funny because i wrote about this on my blog. my boyfriend got jealous over hearing tony,,tony,,tony so much. too funny :) anyway, i think it can be infectious (did i spell that right?)..my girlfriends used to be weary of my tony-talk but now they all ask me about him and the program all the time. in fact, one of them got on it!! (hehehehehe) it pays to share your love with others.