Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh boy.....

Well I took some pics today. They aren't very encouraging except I have to remember that I will have to grow in order to grow muscles. By the time May 31st rolls around this will all be worth it.

I remember feeling so good when I was around 112 and actually buying smalls. Well I still fit into those smalls but in my mind i'm not a small. The mind is so weird.

I had a good day off even though work e-mailed me and called me because they needed my help :) Nice to know i'm needed.

These are 8 weeks post comp. My waist has grown 3.5 inches but my hips only 2.5!! My thighs are 2 inches bigger. You can tell my body really holds onto the yams, oats and rice. Blogger is sucking right now so i'll post more later.


sonniejane said...

I saw your pics on tracker. I think you look great. I think you are filling in nicely and are going to look awesome by May. I cannot agree more about the mind and the way it works. It is just crazy sometimes.

Marthab said...

I see.....BICEPS!!! Woo hoo!

Angela said...

Awesome girl! You look great!

I miss you already!
Where is my email friend???? LOL! I actually got some work done yesterday..LOL!

Colette said...

You look GREAT!
Just keep telling yourself that you need to feed to pack on muscle...then when the time is right, you'll cut and everything will be better then the last time ;) Enjoy the eating while you can ;)

thirtysomething said...

Awesome pics April! You look fabulous!!! Keep growing that muscle :)

Reese Mortensen said...

wooooow! You seriously added some muscle!!! I mean a lot! What a difference!

Your arms are growing!!!! Yippeeeee

You rock!


Stef said...

Girl, I don't think you look bad at all! Just keep doing what you are doing....growing those muscles like Tony says....and you will Rock the Stage in May!


Laurie said...

Wow you look great!!! I know what you mean about being v. feeling small, I've finally just had to tell myself to get smalls and trust it since I got tired of always having to go back to exchange the mediums.