Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I love oats!

Mmmmm.....I'm eating my oats YIPPEE!!

I am going to the in-laws this year for Thanksgiving and think i'll be making macaroni and cheese. I've never made it before so this will be interesting. The pigs I work with are having a pitch in next Friday so I may experiment on them. I try to educate them about nutrition but I think i'm wasting my breath. One of them grabbed a cinnamon roll yesterday and told the other these only have 4g of fat. So I butted in and said how many carbs and sugars do they have? She looked at me like ummm....I said fat is not the only thing you look at. I feel sorry for them because that is the exact way I use to be. Now I don't have to read labels because everything I eat is healthy obviosuly but you would feel sorry for me going down the grocery aisle. I think I have some sort of reading labels disease because I have to look at everything and try and memorize the cals/carb/ and fat content???? I never said I was a sane person.

I did my early cardio again this morning. I think i'll stick with it on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and stay active on the weekends walking my dog and stuff. Sounds like a plan to me and Tony thought it was great too!!

Finishing my tea and then it's off to work BOO!!!


Marthab said...

I hear you on the labels. I'm constantly studying them.

Reese said...

cinnamon rolls.

I remember those days. When I got married (15 years ago this month!) Russ and I were trying to lose weight and get healthy. I would tell him that we needed to cut out fat and really "carb load" and "carb it up!"

I would eat lots of pasta and bread, thinking it was gonna make us lose weight.

No wonder I gained 50 pounds the first year I was married.


Glad we know better now. :)

Trojan said...

I can recite most of them from memory...my friends call me obsessed, maybe they are right but it's better than the alternative.

Colette said...

I'm like that with the fast food places. I know the stats so I stay away from them, and I know the stuff that is okay to have. Nothing wrong with knowledge

thirtysomething said...

Good to see you survived the no carb yet again!! Are you feeling less doughy :)! I love my oats too, I was so happy to see I can have 1/4 cup for mornings this week! Other than that it's protein for me!

Have a grand hump day!

:) Tina

sonniejane said...

Sounds like me. I am a label reader junkie myself. Oh and I work with some pigs too.

Stef said...

Yup...I have the reading labels disease too! Its an epidemic around here!


Natasha said...


Way to go on getting the cardio in!! I am done with my cardio too! Now I just have to lift tonight.

I know what you mean about the labels and all. After losing the weight I too know the stats of things by hard and my friends come to me like I am an encyclopedia, lol.

Have a great evening :)

Colette said...

Hey April,

sorry to do this to you, but YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!

Mia said...

hi april,

yup, i'm a label hound too. it is a good habit to get into :) i teach all of my clients to read those labels.

dont know if i told you, but that picture of you at the show is beautiful. you looked incredible :0)


Stef said...

ooops....I am too late. I tagged you also!