Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trying to stay sane

I talked with Tony on Friday. He asked me how much I weigh right now and I said last time I did I was around 118.4. He said that is fine but he would expect me to way more than that right now!!!! So I woke up yesterday morning, face feeling like I ate a salt lick the night before and weighed.....121.2! WTF! Well Tony was right as usual. The only thing that kept me from crying and not eating breakfast was the fact that we had talked the night before and he reassured me that everything is coming together as it should. So I found some old pics of when I weighed 122 before. When I was so happy to have been at that weight. Now it sucks :) The first pic was taken May 17 of this year and the other was Nov 15.

I'm just trying to stay positive.


thirtysomething said...

Well those two photo's should make you feel better, look at how much more muscular you look now, than when you were at this weight before, and you look leaner!! Awesome!!!

Thank you for the nice comments on my blog...it's not an easy thing putting those before's out there!!

:) Tina

Stef said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, April! You mind is working against you....don't let it!

Listen to Tony and do as he tells you and you will be totally fine! You know you have to gain weight when you are trying to add muscle.

And....122 still looks great! Just think if you were me...sitting in the 140's. ugh!


Natasha said...


I agree with Stef about your mind is playing with you.

You trainer knows best and I think you look AWESOME!! Keep you head up :)

sonniejane said...

Trust him, he knows what he is doing and you know he would not have you do something that was not going to work. It is hard for us to not think of that number on the scale. I have thrown mine out because I have cut back so much on cardio I am scared to death which I truly think is all mental. Hang in there this is gonna work. Your body is taking shape to look like never before.

Reese Mortensen said...

Your tighs are a lot leaner....you have much much less pouch plus your arms are tighter.

Keep on girl...keep on


Sydney said...

wow--it's amazing that you weighed basically the same in both pics. You should be proud of how much muscle you've gained.

Angela said...

Look at the difference in your legs! They are so much leaner...and your shoulders! I see the muscles!! Remember....its just a number! You look great!

Trojan said...

This is my greatest fear about competing...the HEALTHY weight gain that will come back when you aren't being as strict...I fear I might not handle it well. You seem to be doing great and you do look healthy and beautiful...seriously girl.

Tony does know best...

Anonymous said...

Yeah but look at the NOW! Holy cow girl!!! Look at that quad sweep! You've got curve in all the right places!!!! It's weight that you need to put on so that when you strip the water and the little bit of off season fat off what's left will be so well worth "feeling" like a cow for a few months...I say "feeling" because you certainly don't look it....you look great! Just stay focused, do what T tells you to do and work out hard and heavy...you will be solid!

Tressa said...

u are doing great hon!! just keep following tony's advice :)

what's your next show??

Colette said...

April, you look GREAT!!
You want to gain weight right now. It's not fat, it's muscle...big difference girl. Look at those pics...you look HOT!! Listen to the T-man...he knows what he's talking about. Keep doing what he says and know you will gain more weight, which you need to do so when the day comes to cut, you will have something to cut.

Again...you look H-O-T!!!