Saturday, November 24, 2007

Before I eat another Thanksgiving Dinner

That pic below was taken 3 days prior to my comp. Sorry if I led anyone on LOL! If I still looked like that I wouldn't feel like a chipmunk face. Here is what I look like now. I'm not ashamed because it's all clean minus the few M&M's here and there.

Here are a few of my hair and chipmunk cheeks :)

I should have taken a picture after my hairdresser fixed it. It was really cute. I don't like fixing my hair though so it's really easy to do now.

I bought some hooker boots this morning to go with my Christmas party dress and I love them!! So does Mike :) Now I want more clothes to wear with them!

Next week Tony is going to start me on a macro stagging diet hmmmmm......interesting. I walked my dog this morning in what I call squirrel park. There are tons of them! They were all fat today and it was soooo cute. I told Boomer look they are starting their bulking diet over the winter too. Yes I talk to my dog, I know you all do too :)


Anonymous said...

Girl, you crack me up! You look the same to me. I see hardly any difference between the two pictures. You know Tony would tell you to stop being so hard on yourself.

LOVE the new haircut. You look adorable.

OFCOURSE, I talk to my Doggy. I talk to him all day and especially when we go for walks. Who cares if people think I'm crazy! They're the crazy ones!

Amyella said...

Hi April,
I'm taking my blog private. I tried to invite everyone I could think of, whose email address I have. Even if you aren't a regular reader I wanted to at least let you know you're invited, to let you know that I'm not trying to block you. If you're so inclined, send me your email address to amyella@gmail.com and I'll send you an invite.

Amyella :)

B said...

you look great! I talk to my dogs all the time- they are my babies

I am on day 3 of tony's diet it's going well but I had a weak moment this afternoon and started looking at everyone's blogs and I got through it!

you get M&M's LOL :)

it's to early in the game for me to add those- later though

sonniejane said...

You look the same! I love,love, love your hair. It is adorable.

My pets are like my kids, I talk to them more than anyone else.

Lori said...

LOVE the hair.

Angela said...

You are just too cute! I got my hair cut today..i should take a pic since it wont look this cute again! I love your hair...after the wedding, i think im going to cut it kinda like yours...if i have the guts :)

Stef said...

Your hair looks very chic! I think it is so classy to have short hair in that type of cut. And as for the photo in red. I think you still look great!!!!

Um yup... I talk to my doggie too. And he talks back, in dog l
anguage of course! LOL!


thirtysomething said...

Okay, now I am the doof! However, you look fabulous!!!And... I wouldn't say the same, I see more muscle in those shoulders and the biceps, and look at your abs, yup simple fabulous!!

Hope you get your diet soon, I know the wait is killer!! But enjoy your carbs in the meantime, they aren't doing any damage, they just feel like they are...

Have a great Sunday!!


Colette said...

Hi April!

~LOVE the hair cut!
~I'm with everyone else...I don't see a difference with how your body looks. Stop being so hard on yourself girl!
~So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.
~I clicked on a few links and yum!!

Have a super rest of the week!

Reese Mortensen said...

I still believe you look gorgeous now. Ofcourse i can understand the post-comp blues.

But hey...ya gonna be much much more muscled once you cut!

Besides...ya dont have chipmunk cheeks...I do have them!

Hair looks amazing to me!!!!


Reese Mortensen said...
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Trojan said...

I so love your hair...such a prety color:)