Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hi everyone! I am doing fine. I have to get back in the swing of early cardio again or else i'll be over 120 soon! I did it last Monday but when Tony told me I may be doing to much I haven't done it since. I've also been really tired and think i'm fighting off whatever is going around at work. I've been no carbing it since Wednesday and have to say I feel much better. I don't know if i've lost any weight and I don't care I just feel better.

I did break the rules yesterday though. My mom, aunt, grandma and I went to the Tearoom again yesterday and had a blast! I had the same thing I had last time but didn't get the craisins, apples, or cheese or it so it was just lettuce and chicken :) I know bad for eating lettuce but oh well. I passed on the huge slice of chocolate cake that my mom got. The weird thing is I didn't even want it. I know no carb isn't a great diet and can't be followed long without bad consequences but i really do enjoy the no cravings that come with it.

Mike is off to the Colt's game. He decided not to sell the tickets darnit. They were going for $550 a piece!!!

I'm getting ready to go see my mommy. I'm chugging my airborne right now because she is sick :( I took a pic of my rump yesterday. ICKY! I'm getting rolls. They'll be gone soon though i'm not worried.


Marthab said...

You're not counting lettuce in your carbs are you? I thought the only carbs counted were non-fibrous veggie carbs. Better check this out.


Stef said...

I don't think lettuce is anything. It is basically water and not much else.

I can low-carb it, but I cannot No-carb it. I die doing that stuff.


thirtysomething said...

Tony just sent me this e-mail yesterday...I think we will kick some of what I call "glyco-cycle" macro shifting next week. What the heck is this!!! I'm guessing I will be kissing my oats to the wind!! Did you ever think you would ever feel guilty about eating lettuce, you goof, I think it'll be okay...I'm sure your muscle told that measly muscle where to go!!!

Thanx for sharing the hotel info, I will definitely be looking into it this week!

:) Tina

thirtysomething said...

I meant measly lettuce where to go, where is my head right now, not connected to my fingers that is for sure!! Already acting like I've had no carbs!!

Natasha said...


Rolls? I don't see any rolls on you girl! But, I understand. Have a great week!!